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White Mage Class Djinni Combination

Golden Sun White Mage

The White Mage class is available to your Mercury Adepts Mia and Piers as well as the Jupiter Adepts Ivan and Sheba. As you could probably already imagine the White Mage class is the best class for healing in the entire series. You'll have the best heals available with this class, a large PP pool and best of all you'll get the Revive spell before any other class!

Mercury Adepts: 4 Jupiter; 3 Venus (White Mage)
Mercury Adepts: 5 Jupiter; 4 Venus (Pure Mage)

Jupiter Adepts: 4 Mercury; 3 Venus (White Mage)
Jupiter Adepts: 5 Mercury; 4 Venus (Pure Mage)

One of these is essential for almost any party in my opinion. During both games I had my Mercury Adept be my White Mage. That means either Mia or Piers were my White Mage, for all those who still aren't familiar with all the in game terms!

Here is a list of abilities that come with the White Mage:

(Level 1) Cure Poison: Removes Poison from your target.

(Level 6) Prism: Hits 3 targets with 40 Power.

(Level 8) Plasma: Hits 3 targets with 45 Power.

(Level 9) Ward: Raises the resistances of a single adept by 40. Stacks to a total of 80.

(Level 11) Dull: Lower a targets attack by 25%. Stacks to a total of 50%.

(Level 12) Wish: Restores 80HP to the whole party.

(Level 13) Restore: Removes Stun, Sleep, Delusion and Curse on a single target.

(Level 17) Revive: Resurrects a single target with full health.

(Level 22) Hail Prism: Hits 5 targets with 90 Power.

(Level 24) Wish Well: Restores 160 HP to the whole party.

(Level 26) Shine Plasma: Hits 5 targets with 100 Power.

(Level 31) Resist: Raises the resistances of your entire party by 20. Stacks to a total of 80.

(Level 37) Blunt: Lowers the attack of 3 targets by 12.5%. Stacks to a total of 50%.

(Level 46) Spark Plasma: Hits 5 targets with 180 Power.

(Level 46) Pure Wish: Heals your entire group for 400 HP.

(Level 52) Freeze Prism: Hits 5 targets with 190 Power.