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Medium Class Djinni Combinations

Ivan Medium Class

The Medium Class series in Golden Sun is available primarily to your Mercury Adepts Mia and Piers as well as your Jupiter Adepts Ivan and Sheba. As far as Tri-Elemental classes go, the Medium class series is one of the weaker ones available. It's a combination of an offensive caster and a defensive caster making it a subpar jack of all trades.

During Golden Sun: The Lost Age your Venus adepts will be able to become a Medium given the appropriate Djinni configuration as well. The Medium Class mostly shines early on in the game since it gets access to some abilities (like Revive) early on in the game. It also gets the final class ability (Froth Spiral) at level 40 instead of the usual level 50 for most classes.

Mercury Adepts: 3 Venus; 3 Jupiter (Medium)
Mercury Adepts: 4 Venus; 4 Jupiter (Conjurer)
Mercury Adepts: 5 Venus; 4 Jupiter (Dark Mage)

Jupiter Adepts: 3 Venus; 3 Mercury (Medium)
Jupiter Adepts: 4 Venus; 4 Mercury (Conjurer)
Jupiter Adepts: 5 Venus; 4 Mercury (Dark Mage)

The Medium, Conjurer and Dark Mage class series has some of the highest overall PP, great agility and about average every other stat. They don't get many damage dealing Psynergy abilities, most of their abilities focus on causing abnormal status effects to enemies or curing abnormal status effects on allies. Overall, they aren't a very offensive based class.

Here is a list of all the abilities available to a Medium in game:

(Level 1) Bolt: Hits a single target with 20 Power.

(Level 2) Froth: Hits three targets with 28 Power.

(Level 3) Cure: Restores 70 HP to a single target.

(Level 6) Flash Bolt: Hits up to three targets with 40 Power.

(Level 10) Cure Well: Restores 150 HP to a single target.

(Level 14) Froth Sphere: Hits 5 targets with 65 Power.

(Level 17) Haunt: Hits 3 targets and has a chance of inflicting delusion.

(Level 19) Revive: Resurrects a defeated ally to full health.

(Level 20) Curse: Puts a Curse on the enemy (they will be defeated after 7 turns)

(Level 22) Blue Bolt: Hits 3 targets for 90 Power.

(Level 26) Potent Cure: Restores 300 HP to a single ally.

(Level 29) Condemn: Has a chance of instantly defeating the target.

(Level 31) Drain: Single target attack for 50 Power. Drains HP for damage inflicted.

(Level 36) Psy Drain: Single target attack, has a chance to drain PP.

(Level 40) Froth Spiral: Hits 7 targets with 150 Power.


All in all I don't recommend the Medium class series to anyone primarily because they have far too many abilities which focus on altering the enemies' status or curing an allies altered status. The only time that the Medium class really shines is early on in the game if you want an ability like Revive early on.