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Water Seer Class Djinni Combination

Mia Paragon Class

The Water Seer class is one of the better healing classes in the game and it's highly recommended you use this class until you get into the higher levels. When Mia joins your party she'll join as a Water Seer and so long as you only equip Mercury Djinni on her she'll stay that way.

Water Seer: 1 Mercury
Scribe: 2 - 3 Mercury
Cleric: 4 - 5 Mercury
Paragon: 6 - 7 Mercury

Throughout the majority of Golden Sun I recommend that you use this class on Mia. You'll have some of the best single target and group heal spells available to you which are going to be essential for easy progression through the game. Mia will also get some other supportive abilities such as Cure Poison.

Below are a list of all the different abilities that you'll have available to you as a Water Seer.


(Level 1) Ply: Heals a Single target.

(Level 2) Frost: Hits 3 targets with 20 power.

(Level 4) Ice: Hits a single target with 35 power.

(Level 5) Cure Poison: Cures Poison/Venom from 1 ally.

(Level 8) Wish: Heals your entire group for 80 HP.
You'll need to be a Cleric or higher for this ability.

(Level 9) Tundra: Hits 3 targets with 45 power.

(Level 13) Restore: Removes Stun, Sleep, Delusion and Curse on a single target.

(Level 16) Ply Well: Heals a single target for 200 HP.

(Level 17) Ice Horn: Hits 3 targets with 70 power.

(Level 22) Wish Well: Heals every member of your group for 160 HP.
You'll need to be a Cleric or higher for this ability.

(Level 24) Glacier: Hits 3 targets with 100 power.

(Level 30) Break: Removes the buffs on all enemies.

(Level 34) Pure Ply: Heals a single target for 1,000 HP.

(Level 42) Ice Missile: Hits 3 targets with 160 power.

(Level 46) Pure Wish: Heals your entire party for 400 HP.
You'll need to be a Cleric or higher for this ability.