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Hermit Class Djinni Combination

Mia Savant Class

The Hermit Class in Golden Sun is a Dual-Elemental caster class which is available to your Jupiter Adepts Ivan and Sheba as well as the Mercury Adepts Mia and Piers. This is a very powerful class series for you to use early on in the game and it's quite easy to make since it only takes one element type.

Jupiter Adept: 1 Mercury (Hermit)
Jupiter Adept: 2-3 Mercury (Elder)
Jupiter Adept: 4 Mercury (Scholar)
Jupiter Adept: 5 Mercury (Savant)
Jupiter Adept: 6 Mercury; 1 Jupiter (Sage)

Mercury Adept: 1 Jupiter (Hermit)
Mercury Adept: 2-3 Jupiter (Elder)
Mercury Adept: 4 Jupiter (Scholar)
Mercury Adept: 5 Jupiter (Savant)
Mercury Adept: 6 Jupiter; 1 Mercury (Sage)

As with most Dual Elemental classes the Hermit is a really easy one to make early on in the game. It offers decent AoE damage abilities as well as useful Heals + Buffs. This class never gets a single target heal nor does it ever get any single target damaging abilities but it does get both group heals and AoE abilities.

Due to their spell composition, Hermits are best for Support. Leave your Venus/Mars Adepts to damage and your Jupiter/Mars Adepts to support for the most well rounded team possible.

Here is a list of abilities available to the Hermit in game class.

(Level 1) Impact: Boosts an allies attack by 25%. This stacks up to 50%.

(Level 6) Prism: Hits 3 targets with 40 Power.

(Level 8) Plasma: Hits 3 targets with 45 Power.

(Level 12) Wish: Restores 80HP to the whole party.

(Level 18) Bind: This prevents an enemy from casting Psynergy for a few turns.

(Level 21) High Impact: Boosts all allies attack by 12.5%. You can stack this up to 50%.

(Level 22) Hail Prism: Hits 5 targets with 90 Power.

(Level 24) Wish Well: Restores 160 HP to the whole party.

(Level 26) Shine Plasma: Hits 5 targets with 100 Power.

(Level 30) Break: Removes the buffs on all of the enemies.

(Level 31) Drain: Single target attack for 50 Power. Drains HP for damage inflicted.

(Level 39) Psy Drain: Single target attack, has a chance to drain PP.

(Level 46) Pure Wish: Heals your entire group for 400 HP.

(Level 50) Spark Plasma: Hits 5 targets with 180 Power.

(Level 52) Freeze Prism: Hits 5 targets with 190 Power.

All in all I don't find Hermits to be that offensively powerful but what I do like about them is that they get Impact and Wish. I can boost my damage dealers attack and also heal the entire party with this character which makes up for their lack of offensive capabilities.

Two Hermits in a team can both cast Wish on the same turn to keep your entire party full health while you whittle down the enemy with your two main damage dealers (Venus and Mars Adepts). I used this composition for the end half of the game and it let me beat the final boss in Golden Sun at about level 25.