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Brute Class Djinni Combination

Brute Class Golden Sun

The Brute class is available to the Venus Adepts Isaac and Felix as well as Mars Adepts Garet and Jenna extremely early on in the game. Depending on which of these two adepts you happen to be determines mostly what Djinni type you'll want to focusing on getting.

For the first 20 levels of both Golden Sun and The Lost Age the Brute Class is one of the best classes for you to have on your primary damage dealers. It remains one of the better classes throughout the original Golden Sun as well due to less Djinni being available in that game and due to the fact that Barbarians gets Revive.

Venus Adepts: 1 Mars (Brute)
Venus Adepts: 2-3 Mars (Ruffian)
Venus Adepts: 4 Mars (Savage)
Venus Adepts: 5 Mars (Barbarian)
Venus Adepts: 6 Mars; 1 Venus (Berserker)

Mars Adepts: 1 Venus (Brute)
Mars Adepts: 2-3 Venus (Ruffian)
Mars Adepts: 4 Venus (Savage)
Mars Adepts: 5 Venus (Barbarian)
Mars Adepts: 6 Venus; 1 Mars (Berserker)

Brutes get a decent boost in attack as they get more Djinni and improve their class rank as well as a significant boost in Agility. What they don't get a lot of at all is a boost to their maximum PP. The lack of PP doesn't really matter for a Brute though considering the ability they'll be using most is Planet Driver which only costs a measly 7 PP.

List of Abilities for Brutes:

(Level 1) Growth: Hits a single target with 25 Power.

(Level 6) Blast: Hits 3 targets with 40 Power.

(Level 7) Spire: Hits a single target with 40 Power.

(Level 9) Impair: Decreases the defense of a single enemy by 25%. This will stack to a total of 50%.

(Level 12) Mad Growth: Hits 3 targets with 60 Power.

(Level 13) Planet Diver: Hits a single target with +36 Attack Power.

(Level 16) Nova: Hits 5 targets with 70 Power.

(Level 17) Haunt: Chance to inflict delusion on three targets.

(Level 19) Revive: Resurrects a player to full health.

(Level 20) Clay Spire: Hits 3 targets with 85 Power.

(Level 23) Debilitate: Decreases the defense of all enemies by 12.5%. This will stack to a total of 50%.

(Level 24) Curse: Chance to inflict the enemy with Death; which will defeat it after 7 turns pass.

(Level 28) Wild Growth: Hits 5 targets with 110 Power.

(Level 29) Condemn: Has a small chance of instantly defeating your target.

(Level 40) Supernova: Hits 8 enemies with 150 Power.

(Level 42) Stone Spire: Hits 3 enemies with 160 Power.

All in all I highly recommend that you make your Mars Adept into this class for the entire first half of the game and even part of the second half if you like the cut of this classes jib. It's a very powerful early on class and extremely easy to make since it only requires one Djinni type.