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Item List - Golden Sun

This page has a list of all Items in the first Golden Sun game on GBA. On this page you'll find a list of all the Items, Rings, Keys and Psynergy in the game; the stats and how to acquire each item are included in these lists.


Item List

Antidote: Cures Poison.

Apple: Boosts Attack.

Bone: Gets from the girl at the Inn

Bramble Seed: Causes damge with Thorns.

Cell Key: Key to the cell in Lunpa Fortress.

Cookie: Boost maximum PP.

Corn: Replenishes 100 HP.

Crystal Powder: Causes damage with Ice.

Elixir: Cures Delusion, Stun and Sleep.

Empty Bottle: Extracts water from a magic spring.

Game Ticket: Special ticket from Tolbi.

Hard Nut: Boost Defense.

Herb: Replenishes 50 HP.

Hermes' Water: Replenishes all HP.

Lucky Medal: Special medal from Tolbi.

Lucky Pepper: Boost Luck.

Mint: Boost Agility.

Nut: Replenishes 200 HP.

Oil Drop: Causes damage with flames.

Potion: Replenishes all HP.

Power Bread: Boost maximum HP.

Psy Crystal: Replenishes all PP.

Sacred Feather: Reduces monster encounters.

Sleep Bomb: Lulls enemies to sleep.

Smoke Bomb: Obstructs enemies sight.

Vial: Replenishes 500 HP.

Water of Life: Revives downed characters.

Weasel's Claw: Causes damage with claws.



Adept Ring: Use to restore 7 PP.

Cleric's Ring: Removes a curse effects.

Fairy Ring: Acts like an Elixir in battle.

Healing Ring: Use to restore 70 HP.

Sleep Ring: Use to Lull enemies to sleep.

Unicorn Ring: Use to remove poison.

War Ring: Use to boost Attack.


Key Items

Anchor Charm: A trinket in the shape of an anchor.

Black Orb: Controls the ancient ship.

Blue Key: The blue door key from Crossbone Isle.

Boat Ticket: Ticket needed to cross Karagol Sea.

Dragon's Eye: Shining red jewel with flames inside.

Jupiter Star: Wind element requires Mythril Bag.

Mars Star: Fire element requires Mythril Bag.

Mercury Star: Water element requires Mythril Bag.

Mystic Draught: A strangely colored mysterious potion.

Red Key: Red door key from Crossbone Isle.

Small Jewel: A beautiful eye-shaped jewel.

Venus Star: Earth element requires Mythril Bag.


Psynergy Granting Items

Carry Stone: Teaches Carry Psynergy to a character who equips it.

Catch Beads: Teaches Catch Psynergy to a character who equips it.

Cloak Ball: Teaches Cloak Psynergy to a character who equips it.

Douse Drop: Teaches Douse Psynergy to a character who equips it.

Frost Jewel: Teaches Frost Psynergy to a character who equips it.

Halt Gem: Teaches Halt Psynergy to a character who equips it.

Lifting Gem: Teaches Lift Psynergy to a character who equips it.

Orb of Force: Teaches Force Psynergy to a character who equips it.