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Like in the original arcade game, the player takes control of martial arts masters Billy Lee or his brother Jimmy as they fight their way against the members of the Shadow Warriors to rescue Billy's girlfriend, Marian. Double Dragon Advance can be played alone or with another player via a Game Link Cable. A third game mode allows a single player to play the game as both Lee brothers, with one character being controlled by the player while the other stands idle until the player switches character. There is also a Survival Mode in which the player must defeat as many adversaries possible in a single life.

All of the player's techniques from the original arcade game are featured, as well as several new ones based on later arcade and console versions (such as the Hyper Uppercut and the Hyper Knee from the NES version of The Revenge), as well as other beat-'em-ups by Technos such as Renegade and The Combatribes (like the sit-on-punch and the jump stomp respectively). New weapons are also added, including nunchakus and double kali sticks.

Four new stages were added, all taking place between the original stages from the arcade version. These include a Chinatown stage, a fight atop a moving truck (both inspired by Super Double Dragon), a cavern stage (similar to the first NES game), and a fortress before the final step. Most of the enemy characters from the first two arcade games are featured, along with a few new ones introduced in this version, such as the Twin Tigers Hong and Huang, Kikuchi, and the Five Emperors led by Raymond (a group of rival martial artists modeled after the final boss from the NES version of Double Dragon II). Moves that could not be performed on certain enemies in the original arcade games can now be performed against them in this version, such as the hair-pull on the big characters in Abobo, and Burnov.

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