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Disney Sports: Soccer Codebreaker Codes (USA)

This page contains Codebreaker cheat codes for Disney Sports: Soccer (USA). If you're playing on an emulator you can usually input codes very easily by accessing a tab off the top of the toolbar. Anyone playing on a physical Gameboy will need to purchase a physical Codebreaker device to use these codes.

If you're using an emulator and still can't figure out how to setup these codes, you're in luck! There's two common emulators for GBA games, the mGBA and VisualBoy Advance. Follow the link provided for the emulator you're using to be taken to a guide explaining how to get these codes working.


Enable Code (Must Be On)

9EA75899 F842
8A1070B4 21D7
2438986F 190D


Away Team Scores 0: 9A00EA29 65B6

Home Team Scores 0: FE00EB29 E5B6

Home Team Scores 5: 9200EA2F 7DA7

Away Team Scores 5: F600EB2F FDA7

Away Team Scores 10: 1A280879 21BE

Away Team Scores 20: 9014EAAE 55A7

Home Team Scores 20: F414EBAE D5A7

Home Team Scores 50: EC34BD98 8096

Away Team Scores 50: 8834BC98 0096

Away Team Scores 100: 8343FE0F 7683

Home Team Scores 100: E743FF0F F683