Desert Strike Advance Guides and Walkthroughs

Command an Apache attack helicopter against a military tyrant seeking global domination. By completing a challenging series of high-risk missions, you'll eliminate key military targets, rescue hostages, and rid the world of the threat in the desert!

Budcat Creations, Electronic Arts' go-to guy for its GBA console ports, performed the conversion of Desert Strike Advance. The team's previous projects were GBA ports of Madden NFL 2002 and NHL 2002...Desert Strike Advance is arguably the first Genesis title to be converted over to the handheld near perfectly. While Madden and NHL were decent titles in their own right, each had their technical faults that stuck out during gameplay. The conversion Desert Strike Advance, on the other hand, is exactly like playing the Genesis game. No slowdown or graphical glitches to speak of.

Desert Strike Advance Title Screen

Desert Strike Advance CodeBreaker Codes (USA)

Desert Strike Advance Action Replay Codes (USA)