Dark Arena Guides and Walkthroughs

Dark Arena is a first-person shooter video game for Game Boy Advance. The first FPS game was announced for the Game Boy Advance, but it was the 4th released.

The United Arms Organization builds a top-secret training facility, codenamed Dark Arena, on a small, isolated island. Genetic splicing was performed to create dangerous Genetically Engineered Organisms (GEOs) intended to train troops under the assurance that specific security fail-safe systems would prevent the creatures from breaking free. However, in the summer of 2146, the failsafe failed, enabling the GEOs to overrun the facility and kill the personnel.

Soon after, Angelina Bradshaw and her special operations team are summoned to the island to try and get things back under control. Still, all of her men are no match for the GEOs, leaving her trapped alone deep in Dark Arena. She somehow manages to hide for a while to recollect herself and inform authorities of the situation before the GEOs finally find her. Unwilling to share the fate of her comrades, she begins to battle her way out of Dark Arena and must race against time to clear out a path to a hanger on the outskirts of the island and evacuate before a nuclear strike is called to destroy all GEOs as a last resort.

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