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Columns Crown is a puzzle game developed by WOW Entertainment for the Game Boy Advance and published by Sega in Japan and THQ in other territories. It is the first spiritual sequel of Columns and was released in Europe on December 7, 2001, in Japan on December 13, 2001, and in North America on February 4, 2002. The game was later re-released twice as part of the 2 Games in 1 twin-pack cartridge in Europe, first bundled with Sonic Pinball Party on November 11, 2005, and then with ChuChu Rocket! on November 28, 2008. The latter compilation, besides being the final one released on the system in Europe, was the final game to be released on the Game Boy Advance.

The puzzle style is "Tetris-esque", with falling vertical blocks of three colored gems, with matching gems being destroyed. There is a basic plot of rescuing the stolen kingdom's crown by winning games.

There is a power-up feature, with different capable attack and defense features being possible to use, with most only being accessible during player-to-player versus games.

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