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Classic NES Series: Xevious Guides and Walkthroughs

Classic NES Series - Xevious is a video game released in 2004 by Namco and Nintendo. As part of the Classic NES Series for the Game Boy Advance (GBA), it brings back the iconic vertical-scrolling shoot 'em up game that originally gained popularity in arcades. In Xevious, players pilot the powerful Solvalou spacecraft and embark on a mission to defend Earth against a hostile alien force known as the Xevious. Players navigate through a series of treacherous environments, blasting enemy ships, avoiding obstacles, and confronting formidable boss enemies.

The game introduced innovative features such as the ability to target ground and air enemies independently, adding depth to the gameplay. With its classic pixel art visuals, intense action, and challenging gameplay, Classic NES Series - Xevious offers an exciting and nostalgic experience for fans of retro shoot 'em up games and showcases the enduring appeal of this arcade classic.


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