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Classic NES Series: Bomberman Guides and Walkthroughs

Classic NES Series - Bomberman is a video game released in 2004 by Hudson Soft. Developed for the Game Boy Advance (GBA), it is part of the Classic NES Series, which brings back popular NES games to the handheld platform. In this edition, players take on the role of Bomberman, a bomb-toting character tasked with navigating maze-like levels and defeating enemies. The game combines strategic thinking and fast-paced action as players strategically place bombs to blast through obstacles and take out opponents.

With its retro-style graphics, addictive gameplay, and nostalgic appeal, Classic NES Series - Bomberman by Hudson Soft offers a delightful trip down memory lane for fans of the classic NES era and introduces a new generation of players to the iconic Bomberman franchise.


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