Bomberman Tournament Guides and Walkthroughs

On the edge of the galaxy sits a small planet, Plantation. From the cutscene at the start of the game, it is given that five meteors (the Five Dastardly Bombers, from Super Bomberman 2 and Super Bomberman 3) strike the planet. Soon thereafter, a large fortress was erected, and in turn, the land around the tall, tower-like fortress and the fortress itself began to freeze over. The people of Phantarion sent out a distress call, and Professor Ein sent Max to investigate.

Upon arriving on the planet, Max makes his way to the base of the tower. Once inside, he is opposed by a huge bird creature (later found to be Plasma Bomber in his transformed state). He is knocked out by the bird by one fell blow and is either sent to the top of the tower or down a hole (the exact cannot be determined, Max is only shown being pulled into a dark, foreboding circle in the center of the screen). When Doctor Ein talks to Bomberman a week later, Bomberman tells him that they have lost all contact with Max. Bomberman is then sent by Ein to save Phantarion and find Max, thus beginning the playable part of the story.

Bomberman Tournament Title Screen

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