Baseball Advance Guides and Walkthroughs

Baseball Advance (originally released in Japan as Greatest Nine) is a sports game for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance, developed by Smilebit and released by THQ in March 2002. It was generally praised by critics upon its release. The game is the final entry in the Greatest Nine series.

There are four modes of games available.

"Exhibition" - One game of baseball. The player chooses a Major League Baseball team to play as, and may also select the opposing team played by the computer. The player can choose the number of innings in the match as well as other options.

"Season" - The player chooses one team and plays one season of baseball while controlling that team. The season is supposed to be 2001, and the draw of every team, as well as the All-Star Game, is matched up with each team's draw during the 2001 season. Also, in season mode, records set in baseball history for seasons and single games are listed, and if the player's team breaks one, the new record is listed as being set in 2001. If the player's team ends up in the top four, it will go to the playoffs to the World Series.

Playoffs - The player chooses a team and plays the playoffs to the World Series. The other teams are randomly chosen.

All-Star Game - The player plays an All-Star Game with the selections from the 2001 team.

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