Back Track Guides and Walkthroughs

Back Track is a first-person shooter that was released for Windows PC in 1998 and for the Game Boy Advance in 2001. It is notable for being the first 3D shooter to be released on GBA (along with Doom).

Domingoaniax, a diabolical alien, has built up a large invasion army on the dark side of the Moon. The player takes on the role of special agent Jim Track, who has to rescue the 110 kidnapped humans and defeat Domingoaniax's droid army.

BackTrack's multiplayer mode has six deathmatch arenas, each playable as a standard 20-point deathmatch or as a 4-point round-robin. Both modes support up to four players via a link cable.

Back Track  Title Screen

Back Track CodeBreaker Codes (USA, Europe)

Back Track Action Replay Codes (USA, Europe)