Street Fighter Alpha 3 Action Replay Codes (USA)

This page contains the Action Replay Codes that I have available for Street Fighter Alpha 3, a game for Dreamcast. If you are playing on an Emulator you can usually input these codes rather easily by accessing a tab at the top of your Emulator; those of you playing on a physical Dreamcast console will have to use an actual Action Replay device instead.

If you don't see the code you're looking for on this page I recommend you return to my Street Fighter Alpha 3 Guides and Walkthroughs and choose a different section.


Short Jump P1: A4035261 00000000

Short Jump P2: 4BCA1FC6 0000000

Crouching Tiger Mode P1: A4035261 0000F000

: 4BCA1FC6 0000F000

Unlimited Health P1: DA28802F 00000090

Unlimited Health P2: 9BD80AF8 00000090

Max Exp For A-Ism World Tour Mode: 492ADFE5 0098967F

Max Exp For V-Ism World Tour Mode: 9938CADB 0098967F

Max Exp World Tour Mode: CA1B2408 0098967F

Max Power P1: C9E3E408 00000090

: 70CDD30D 00000090

Max X-Ism Exp World Tour Mode: 11D4D6BD 0098967F

No Power P1: C9E3E408 00000000

No Power P2: 70CDD30D 00000000


One Hit Kill P1

DA2B802F C0705033
DA28802F 00000001


One Hit Kill P2

9BDB0AF8 C0705033
9BD80AF8 00000001


P1 Press A+B to Warp Down

7256C9A6 E0704E1E
E75F1B64 00000000


P1 Press L+R To Warp Up

AB884B35 40704E1E
E75F1B64 000000C8



7256C9A6 20704D9E
99600907 00000000



7256C9A6 60704DDE
99600907 00000FFF


P2 Press A+B To Warp Down

33E23EE3 E0704E1E
A438519E C0705041


P2 Press L+R To Warp Up

6EC071E5 40704E1E
A438519E C0705038


P2 Press X+A To Warp Left

33E23EE3 20704D9E
7DDED30D C0705041


 P2 Press Y+B To Warp Right

33E23EE3 60704DDE
7DDED30D A070501E


50% Health P1

DA2B802F C0705033
DA28802F 00000048


50% Health P2

9BDB0AF8 C0705033
9BD80AF8 00000048