Grandia II Action Replay Codes (USA)

This page contains the Action Replay Codes that I have available for Grandia II, a game for Dreamcast. If you are playing on an Emulator you can usually input these codes rather easily by accessing a tab at the top of your Emulator; those of you playing on a physical Dreamcast console will have to use an actual Action Replay device instead.

If you don't see the code you're looking for on this page I recommend you return to my Grandia II Guides and Walkthroughs and choose a different section.



Have All Item Codes


Unlimited Gold: E1F7E62C 0098967F

Unlimited Magic Coins: 78352DBA 0001869F

Unlimited Special Coins: 21679DFD 0001869F

Elena/Mill Max HP: 3C01DAF1 270F270F

Mareg Max HP: B4A6C43B 03E703E7

Roan Max HP: 578789E1 270F270F

Ryudo Max HP: FF796831 270F270F

Elena/Mill Max MP: 611B95F7 03E703E7

Mareg Max MP: 12F4E827 03E703E7

Roan Max MP: A143AF27 03E703E7

Ryudo Max MP: 2CC79DF2 03E703E7

Elena/Mill Max SP: B3B6C43B 03E703E7

Mareg Max SP: 4ACAE17F 03E703E7

Roan Max SP: DF687D69 03E703E7

Ryudo Max SP: 75952DB5 03E703E7

Elena/Mill Faster Level Ups: C2C3D94E 000000FF

Mareg Faster Level Ups: 663355F7 000000FF

Roan Faster Level Ups: 202F5DF3 000000FF

Ryudo Faster Level Ups: AF8B6F26 000000FF



Have All Accessories (1)

934C744F 00000001
AD5B6F29 00000101
CCEA9940 E06F1041


Have All Accessories (2)

2D171DFD 00000001
32F05AFF E0703041


Have All Accessories (3)

CC0F9940 00000001
D3B0BD67 00000101
7B84ADB5 E0703041


Have All Accessories (4)

B282443A 00000001
C3B3D94F 00000101
E2366623 E070D041


Have All Armor (1)

7061ADBA 00000001
82BBB3B8 00000101
A9A22F29 E0701041


Have All Armor (2)

907C744F 00000001
AE6B6F29 00000101
BE874435 E0765041


Have All Attack Items (1)

25EF5DFD 00000101
4B7B6171 E070B041


Have All Attack Items (2)

25675DFD 00000101
7C29ADBA 00000001
7C34ADBA E070D041


Have All Attack Items (3)

9BB8344F 00000101
E59B662C 00000001
9448344F 00000101
CB7BD940 00000101


Have All Axes

29DB1DFD 00000001
F9A8E83E E0703041


Have All Books

8D8FF3B8 00000001
649A15F9 E0701041


Have All Boots

D228BD67 00000101
6E4715F9 00000001
5AC609EF E06C5041


Have All Bows

1D306829 00000001
2B7F5DFD 00000101
34911AFF 00000101
69B355F9 00000101
8083F3B8 00000001


Have All Clothes

409A2171 00000101
AEFF2F29 00000001
AEE22F29 E0701041


Have All Crowns

D138BD67 00000101
59CB09EF 00000001
59D609EF E0701041


Have All Disc Weapons

1E206829 00000001
286F5DFD 00000101
46FB6171 E0701041


Have All Elixirs

27331DFD 00000001
38A91AFF 00000101
DA60FD67 00000001
A4736F29 00000101
24C61DFD E0701041


Have All Foods

663F15F9 00000001
7DCDEDBA 00000101
9A18744F 00000001
F4E1A83E 00000101
24B75DFD 00000101
52FF09EF 00000001
C56F9940 00000001
DAD0BD67 00000101


Have All Harps

8FEFF3B8 00000001
7D45EDBA 00000101


Have All Hats

19686829 00000001
19756829 E0701041


Have All Headbands

30911AFF 00000101
BF5A4435 00000001
91E9744F E0701041


Have All Helms

2E3B1DFD 00000001
D149FD67 E0703041


Have All Knives

1EA86829 00000001
1EB56829 E0703041


Have All Miracles

652F15F9 00000001
7EDDEDBA 00000101
7EE5ADBA 00000001


Have All Potions

A7F72F29 00000001
B76E0435 00000101
D9F8BD67 00000101
113C6829 00000001
7E49ADBA 00000001
7E55EDBA 00000101
A78B2F29 00000001


Have All Robes

EEE3662C 00000001
FE01A83E 00000101
2E575DFD 00000101
581F49EF 00000101
582709EF 00000001


Have All Rods

1DB86829 00000001
FBC8E83E E070F041


Have All Seeds

C6FB1940 01010100
A7636F29 00000101
27D61DFD E0701041


Have All Shoes

1A646829 00000001
BC4A4435 00000001
BC574435 E070F041


Have All Swords

1C406829 00000001
2A0F5DFD 00000101
449B6171 E070F041


Have Every Item

8D8FF3B8 00000001
649A15F9 E0793041