Fur Fighters Action Replay Codes (USA)

This page contains the Action Replay Codes that I have available for Fur Fighters, a game for Dreamcast. If you are playing on an Emulator you can usually input these codes rather easily by accessing a tab at the top of your Emulator; those of you playing on a physical Dreamcast console will have to use an actual Action Replay device instead.

If you don't see the code you're looking for on this page I recommend you return to my Fur Fighters Guides and Walkthroughs and choose a different section.


One Cheat Unlocks All: D3D843E4 0001FFFF


(Beaver Dam) Unlimited Bomb Ammo: 7805F9D5 0000270F

(Beaver Dam) Unlimited Freeze Ammo: C06BCD2F 0000270F

(Beaver Dam) Unlimited Neutron Ammo: F129BC51 0000270F

(Beaver Dam) Unlimited Pistol Ammo: 4F3A351E 0000270F

(Beaver Dam) Unlimited Plasma Ammo: F111BC51 0000270F

(Beaver Dam) Unlimited Rocket Ammo: A1DB7B46 0000270F

(Beaver Dam) Unlimited Shotgun Ammo: 78FDF9D5 0000270F

(Beaver Power) Unlimited Bomb Ammo: 673B4F84 0000270F

(Beaver Power) Unlimited Freeze Ammo: B5961E48 0000270F

(Beaver Power) Unlimited Neutron Ammo: E5073C51 0000270F

(Beaver Power) Unlimited Pistol Ammo: 25F74780 0000270F

(Beaver Power) Unlimited Plasma Ammo: E53F3C51 0000270F

(Beaver Power) Unlimited Rocket Ammo: 9B002E32 0000270F

(Beaver Power) Unlimited Shotgun Ammo: 53BF5392 0000270F


(Cape Canardo) Unlimited Bomb Ammo: F829B67E 0000270F

(Cape Canardo) Unlimited Freeze Ammo: 5E3757AF 0000270F

(Cape Canardo) Unlimited Neutron Ammo: 96882A0F 0000270F

(Cape Canardo) Unlimited Pistol Ammo: C96BC700 0000270F

(Cape Canardo) Unlimited Plasma Ammo: 83EBADF8 0000270F

(Cape Canardo) Unlimited Rocket Ammo: 37F904BF 0000270F

(Cape Canardo) Unlimited Shotgun Ammo: F811B67E 0000270F

(Compound Factions) Unlimited Bomb Ammo: 1C243CD6 0000270F

(Compound Factions) Unlimited Freeze Ammo: 68CB4106 0000270F

(Compound Factions) Unlimited Neutron Ammo: AA937BD6 0000270F

(Compound Factions) Unlimited Pistol Ammo: D4D8A998 0000270F

(Compound Factions) Unlimited Plasma Ammo: 94F020B0 0000270F

(Compound Factions) Unlimited Rocket Ammo: 44E2358E 0000270F

(Compound Factions) Unlimited Shotgun Ammo: 1C1C3CD6 0000270F


(Dino Downstairs) Unlimited Bomb Ammo: 9DA83D1D 0000270F

(Dino Downstairs) Unlimited Freeze Ammo: E3972F7E 0000270F

(Dino Downstairs) Unlimited Neutron Ammo: 1684217B 0000270F

(Dino Downstairs) Unlimited Pistol Ammo: 61AB5CAB 0000270F

(Dino Downstairs) Unlimited Plasma Ammo: 233F54AF 0000270F

(Dino Downstairs) Unlimited Rocket Ammo: C213D012 0000270F

(Dino Downstairs) Unlimited Shotgun Ammo: 9D903D1D 0000270F


(Dino Upstairs) Unlimited Bomb Ammo: 53C75D52 0000270F

(Dino Upstairs) Unlimited Freeze Ammo: A5037B94 0000270F

(Dino Upstairs) Unlimited Neutron Ammo: DB28A9DA 0000270F

(Dino Upstairs) Unlimited Pistol Ammo: 13B43C94 0000270F

(Dino Upstairs) Unlimited Plasma Ammo: DB10A9DA 0000270F

(Dino Upstairs) Unlimited Rocket Ammo: 8E1BA705 0000270F

(Dino Upstairs) Unlimited Shotgun Ammo: 4B7235CC 0000270F


(Dinotoplis) Unlimited Bomb Ammo: 76E5F17B 0000270F

(Dinotoplis) Unlimited Freeze Ammo: CE8BC581 0000270F

(Dinotoplis) Unlimited Neutron Ammo: FF09B4FF 0000270F

(Dinotoplis) Unlimited Pistol Ammo: 411A3DB0 0000270F

(Dinotoplis) Unlimited Plasma Ammo: FFF1B4FF 0000270F

(Dinotoplis) Unlimited Rocket Ammo: AF3B73E8 0000270F

(Dinotoplis) Unlimited Shotgun Ammo: 76DDF17B 0000270F


(God Machine Valley) Unlimited Bomb Ammo: B9060D73 0000270F

(God Machine Valley) Unlimited Freeze Ammo: 1F54216F 0000270F

(God Machine Valley) Unlimited Neutron Ammo: 47AA2837 0000270F

(God Machine Valley) Unlimited Pistol Ammo: 7035E4FC 0000270F

(God Machine Valley) Unlimited Plasma Ammo: 47922837 0000270F

(God Machine Valley) Unlimited Rocket Ammo: E9AF2F6A 0000270F

(God Machine Valley) Unlimited Shotgun Ammo: A9EB666F 0000270F


(Lower East Quack) Unlimited Bomb Ammo: 5DA75DAA 0000270F

(Lower East Quack) Unlimited Freeze Ammo: AB637B6C 0000270F

(Lower East Quack) Unlimited Neutron Ammo: EB273269 0000270F

(Lower East Quack) Unlimited Pistol Ammo: 2BD749B8 0000270F

(Lower East Quack) Unlimited Plasma Ammo: D570A922 0000270F

(Lower East Quack) Unlimited Rocket Ammo: 807BA7FD 0000270F

(Lower East Quack) Unlimited Shotgun Ammo: 5D9F5DAA 0000270F


(New Quack City) Unlimited Bomb Ammo: 3B1104A0 0000270F

(New Quack City) Unlimited Freeze Ammo: 8F03ADE7 0000270F

(New Quack City) Unlimited Neutron Ammo: B4A61A6A 0000270F

(New Quack City) Unlimited Pistol Ammo: E4573873 0000270F

(New Quack City) Unlimited Plasma Ammo: B49E1A6A 0000270F

(New Quack City) Unlimited Rocket Ammo: 66334BA6 0000270F

(New Quack City) Unlimited Shotgun Ammo: 24FF43A2 0000270F


(Quackenheim Museum) Unlimited Bomb Ammo: 39F10C25 0000270F

(Quackenheim Museum) Unlimited Freeze Ammo: 8DE3A562 0000270F

(Quackenheim Museum) Unlimited Neutron Ammo: C73BCF9A 0000270F

(Quackenheim Museum) Unlimited Pistol Ammo: F619BEE4 0000270F

(Quackenheim Museum) Unlimited Plasma Ammo: B67E12EF 0000270F

(Quackenheim Museum) Unlimited Rocket Ammo: 64D34323 0000270F

(Quackenheim Museum) Unlimited Shotgun Ammo: 39C90C25 0000270F


(Rumpus Room) Unlimited Bomb Ammo: 1E64230A 0000270F

(Rumpus Room) Unlimited Freeze Ammo: 6A8B5EDA 0000270F

(Rumpus Room) Unlimited Neutron Ammo: 7085E699 0000270F

(Rumpus Room) Unlimited Pistol Ammo: D698B644 0000270F

(Rumpus Room) Unlimited Plasma Ammo: 96B03F6C 0000270F

(Rumpus Room) Unlimited Rocket Ammo: 46A22A52 0000270F

(Rumpus Room) Unlimited Shotgun Ammo: 1E5C230A 0000270F


(Saving Claude) Unlimited Bomb Ammo: CFDBC1E7 0000270F

(Saving Claude) Unlimited Freeze Ammo: 2EF7455A 0000270F

(Saving Claude) Unlimited Neutron Ammo: 6C3B4D5E 0000270F

(Saving Claude) Unlimited Pistol Ammo: 90582CE8 0000270F

(Saving Claude) Unlimited Plasma Ammo: 58BF5148 0000270F

(Saving Claude) Unlimited Rocket Ammo: FEA1B099 0000270F

(Saving Claude) Unlimited Shotgun Ammo: CFE3C1E7 0000270F


(Saving Gwynth) Unlimited Bomb Ammo: DC88AC4F 0000270F

(Saving Gwynth) Unlimited Freeze Ammo: 3D810BD7 0000270F

(Saving Gwynth) Unlimited Neutron Ammo: 609B44D1 0000270F

(Saving Gwynth) Unlimited Pistol Ammo: 9CF82567 0000270F

(Saving Gwynth) Unlimited Plasma Ammo: 60A344D1 0000270F

(Saving Gwynth) Unlimited Rocket Ammo: 144C3901 0000270F

(Saving Gwynth) Unlimited Shotgun Ammo: C343C868 0000270F


(Saving Juanita) Unlimited Bomb Ammo: 14E431D0 0000270F

(Saving Juanita) Unlimited Freeze Ammo: 600B4C00 0000270F

(Saving Juanita) Unlimited Neutron Ammo: 9CC82DB6 0000270F

(Saving Juanita) Unlimited Pistol Ammo: DC18A49E 0000270F

(Saving Juanita) Unlimited Plasma Ammo: 9C302DB6 0000270F

(Saving Juanita) Unlimited Rocket Ammo: 4C223888 0000270F

(Saving Juanita) Unlimited Shotgun Ammo: 14DC31D0 0000270F


(SS Meer) Unlimited Bomb Ammo: 11042431 0000270F

(SS Meer) Unlimited Freeze Ammo: 65EB59E1 0000270F

(SS Meer) Unlimited Neutron Ammo: 99E83857 0000270F

(SS Meer) Unlimited Pistol Ammo: D938B17F 0000270F

(SS Meer) Unlimited Plasma Ammo: 99D03857 0000270F

(SS Meer) Unlimited Rocket Ammo: 49C22D69 0000270F

(SS Meer) Unlimited Shotgun Ammo: 11FC2431 0000270F


(VAB Building) Unlimited Bomb Ammo: D6E8BD68 0000270F

(VAB Building) Unlimited Freeze Ammo: 37E11AF0 0000270F

(VAB Building) Unlimited Neutron Ammo: 7145EDB5 0000270F

(VAB Building) Unlimited Pistol Ammo: A8C36F26 0000270F

(VAB Building) Unlimited Plasma Ammo: 6AC355F6 0000270F

(VAB Building) Unlimited Rocket Ammo: 1E2C2826 0000270F

(VAB Building) Unlimited Shotgun Ammo: D6D0BD68 0000270F


(Village) Unlimited Bomb Ammo: 3BD10AEF 0000270F

(Village) Unlimited Freeze Ammo: 8FC3A3A8 0000270F

(Village) Unlimited Neutron Ammo: B4661425 0000270F

(Village) Unlimited Pistol Ammo: F4F9B82E 0000270F

(Village) Unlimited Plasma Ammo: B45E1425 0000270F

(Village) Unlimited Rocket Ammo: 66F345E9 0000270F

(Village) Unlimited Shotgun Ammo: 3B290AEF 0000270F


(VLF Facility) Unlimited Bomb Ammo: D728BDD9 0000270F

(VLF Facility) Unlimited Freeze Ammo: 36211A41 0000270F

(VLF Facility) Unlimited Neutron Ammo: 6BFB5547 0000270F

(VLF Facility) Unlimited Pistol Ammo: A9036F97 0000270F

(VLF Facility) Unlimited Plasma Ammo: 6B035547 0000270F

(VLF Facility) Unlimited Rocket Ammo: 1FEC2897 0000270F

(VLF Facility) Unlimited Shotgun Ammo: D710BDD9 0000270F


(World Quack Center) Unlimited Bomb Ammo: 14A43CA1 0000270F

(World Quack Center) Unlimited Freeze Ammo: 604B4171 0000270F

(World Quack Center) Unlimited Neutron Ammo: A2137BA1 0000270F

(World Quack Center) Unlimited Pistol Ammo: DC58A9EF 0000270F

(World Quack Center) Unlimited Plasma Ammo: 9C7020C7 0000270F

(World Quack Center) Unlimited Rocket Ammo: 4C6235F9 0000270F

(World Quack Center) Unlimited Shotgun Ammo: 149C3CA1 0000270F