Fighting Force 2 Action Replay Codes (USA)

This page contains the Action Replay Codes that I have available for Fighting Force 2, a game for Dreamcast. If you are playing on an Emulator you can usually input these codes rather easily by accessing a tab at the top of your Emulator; those of you playing on a physical Dreamcast console will have to use an actual Action Replay device instead.

If you don't see the code you're looking for on this page I recommend you return to my Fighting Force 2 Guides and Walkthroughs and choose a different section.


Note: There are two codes on this page for each cheat because there are two versions of Fighting Force 2. If one code doesn't work for you, try the other one.


Weapon Modifier Codes



Full Rage Bar: 186C130C 000003FC

Full Rage Bar: 010E4B3A 000003FC
Try this code if the other doesn't work and vice versa.

Unlimited Health: 11E41CB3 000003FC

Unlimited Health: 0130B558 000003FC

Have Lots of Money: E58712CA 0000FFFF

Unlimited Ammo For Weapon: 1E441CD8 00000063

Unlimited Ammo For Weapon: 01311AB0 00000063