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How To Predict, Control & Manipulate Markets In Video Games

This page here was made to go indepth about the thing I know the most about and love doing more than anything else in these online role playing games, predicting, controling and manipulating economies. So the first thing you might be doing right now is rolling your eyes, getting ready to link this page to your friends on Skype, Mumble or Ventrilo to laugh at this 'kid' who thinks his actions in any way shape or form can effect a game's economy. If you are thinking of doing this, because you believe that I am full of crap, have at it.

Just know that you are missing out on some of the best information out there because you are too stubborn to admit that there may actually be someone who knows what they are talking about and that someone is me. Would you like to see some proof that I have done this in other games? Sure you may have some! Here is one of my more popular guides that I created for World of Warcraft known as my 10k an hour guide. In that guide I covered everything you need to know in the World of Warcraft economy to make 10k gold an hour.

It's all in there, every little bitsy piece of information. I also have two more videos I created for Guild Wars 2 explaining similar methods of how to dominate the market. They aren't as indepth as the WoW one because, honestly, too many trolls play MMORPGs for me to go super indepth again like I did with WoW. Too many people disbelieve this was/is possible and refuse to give my guides a try. That's a good thing though for the people who do give it a try, more customers to buy the things they are selling and less competition to go up against.

Guild Wars 2 How to Predict, Control & Manipulate Game Markets Video 1

Guild Wars 2 How to Predict, Control & Manipulate Game Markets Video 2

I have tons of other videos and guides that will prove I know what I am talking about, you're more than welcome to browse my website if you wish but if you don't believe me yet, you never will until you sit down and actually give the information I am providing to you an honest try and open your mind to all of the information I have to offer.

It's a lot to take in during just one sitting and I definitely do not expect you to soak up all of this information at once. I will constantly be adding new tips and pieces of advice to this page as I find new ways to explain things, making them easier to understand or going over a little bit of information I may have left out or forgot to mention earlier. The first thing I am going to show you are the two videos I made giving some examples and useful knowledge of how to do this.

Watch these videos before you continue further down the page. Below the videos will be additional information in text form; please watch the videos first before reading what I have below them.

Disclaimer: The information in these videos below is great advice for all games and even real life. The examples used in these videos aren't the only way this information can be applied, it can be applied anyway you want it to be with any type of item or product. Keeping this in mind please enjoy the following videos and if you have any questions please feel free to post them on the Comments Section of the video to contact me.

Video 1


Video 2

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