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The Darkened Sea Fletching Guide

Fletching allows the player to make Bows, Arrows and other items that I can best describe as miscellaneous. Raising Fletching is actually a piece of cake! It's one of the few Tradeskills where you can just straight shot it with a single combine 1 - 300 if desired. It's actually not too costly either, the only hard part would sometimes be finding the items you need in The Bazaar.

I strongly recommend that you consider using a Draught of the Craftsman for this process. It's a potion you can purchase from the Daybreak store that gives you a 100% chance to return all failed Tradeskill components back to you. This will greatly reduce the overall cost of leveling the Tradeskill.

Before we get started with the guide it's important that you read this if you're interested in getting the Fletching Tradeskill Trophy. The higher you raise a Tradeskill the more tedious the Trophy quest becomes so it's best if you stop as early as possible to finish the quest, which is before you skill reaches 100, but after it surpases 50. (So 50 - 99) - Apprentice Fletcher's Test.


Alternative Route: If Tainted FeathersTainted Feathers and Fractured ShardsFractured Shards are cheaper on your server I recommend my Rain of Fear Fletching Guide.

Alternative Route: If SilkFantastic Silk is cheaper on your server I recommend you use my House of Thule Fletching Guide.

Alternative Route: If SilkImmaculate Silk is cheaper on your server I recommend you use my Seeds of Destruction Fletching Guide.

Alternative Route: If SilkFlawless Silk is cheaper on your server I recommend you use my Secrets of Faydwer Fletching Guide.

Alternative Route: Farm Leopard IntestinesLeopard Intestines (262 Triv) to save money or use SilkSuperb Silk with my The Serpent's Spine Fletching Guide.

Alternative Route: If Sunshard PebblesSunshard Pebbles and Sunshard OreSunshard Ore are cheap on your server you can raise both Fletching and Jewelcrafting at the same time using my The Buried Sea Fletching Guide!



Class 6 Wood Point Arrow 182 - 202

This is one of the most direct all-vendor purchases routes that I know of for Fletching. If the materials you need for the combines further down the page are too expensive or you can't find them listed in The Bazaar this recipe will at least help you close the gap while we wait!

Bundled Wooden Arrow Shafts

Field Point Arrowheads

Large Groove Nocks

Set of Ceramic Arrow Vanes


I'm going to warn you one last time before the guide continues to stop raising Fletching and complete the Fletching Trophy quest! Once you max out your Fletching the quest arguably takes 10x longer to complete than it does at the lower Tradeskill levels.



Ancient Arrows (308 Trivial)

1 Bundled Steel Arrow Shafts

1 Field Point Arrowheads

1 Fine Feathers

1 Relic Fragments

1 Small Groove Nocks


Ethernere Arrows (308 Trivial)

1 Bundled Steel Arrow Shafts

1 Ethernere Essence

1 Fine Feathers

1 Hooked Arrowheads

1 Small Groove Nocks



Additional Information

- If you choose to use a Draught of the Craftsman you'll have enough juice to max out two Tradeskills usually. So come prepared with a lot of materials before popping a pot!

- If you don't see any materials that you need listed in The Bazaar setup a Buyer on a day when you don't plan on playing much to buy the items you need. Mention in general chat what you're buying (and even pay double what the other barters ask to get peoples attention if you want). Maybe someone who is killing in the zones and reading general will offload their loot to you.

- Aside from the uses mentioned above it's useful for every player to max out all of their Tradeskills for tangible useful benefits. You can only acquire things like Artisan's Prize and Sacred Prayer Shawl of the Duke from maxing out your Tradeskills. Those of you whom are wondering if this is all even worth it, well now you know.

- Under "General" in the AA window get the Salvage AA as soon as you possibly can, preferably before you start raising all of your Tradeskills. It'll save you a lot of plat.

- As aforementioned every Tradeskill has a Trophy. Here is a list of all 6 quests for the Fletching Trophy.