Sunshard Ore Tradeskill Recipes 300 - 350

Sunshard Ore

Sunshard Ore was added into the game during the Secrets of Faydwer expansion pack with Sunshard Powder, Pebbles and Dust. Out of all the Sunshard tradeskill items, Sunshard Ore is very commonly the most expensive one since it's used in creating Powersources.

Those of you looking to farm Sunshard Ore will have the best luck fighting enemies that are between the levels of 40 - 70. A few zones that I would recommend for farming Sunshard Ore would be Dragon Necropolis, Umbral Plains, Old Sebilis and Chardok. All of these zones are littered with enemies and great for AoE farming.


Jewelcrafting Sunshard Ore Recipes (11 Recipes)

Silver Conduit (This is a subcombine in the following recipes)

Silver Conduit Cap

Silver Conduit Cylinder

Silver Conduit Glove

Silver Conduit Large Core

Silver Conduit Leggings

Silver Conduit Sandal

Silver Conduit Shirt

Silver Conduit Sleeve

Silver Conduit Small Core

Silver Conduit Web


Pottery Sunshard Ore Recipes (128 Recipes)

Silver Infused Energeiac Clay

Sealed Cloudy Energeian Air Orb

Sealed Cloudy Energeian Decay Orb

Sealed Cloudy Energeian Disease Orb

Sealed Cloudy Energeian Earth Orb

Sealed Cloudy Energeian Fire Orb

Sealed Cloudy Energeian Growth Orb

Sealed Cloudy Energeian Ice Orb

Sealed Cloudy Energeian Light Orb

Sealed Cloudy Energeian Poison Orb

Sealed Cloudy Energeian Shadow Orb

Sealed Cloudy Energeian Water Orb

Sealed Foggy Energeian Air Orb

Sealed Foggy Energeian Decay Orb

Sealed Foggy Energeian Disease Orb

Sealed Foggy Energeian Earth Orb

Sealed Foggy Energeian Fire Orb

Sealed Foggy Energeian Growth Orb

Sealed Foggy Energeian Ice Orb

Sealed Foggy Energeian Poison Orb

Sealed Misty Energeian Air Orb

Sealed Misty Energeian Decay Orb

Sealed Misty Energeian Disease Orb

Sealed Misty Energeian Earth Orb

Sealed Misty Energeian Fire Orb

Sealed Misty Energeian Growth Orb

Sealed Misty Energeian Ice Orb

Sealed Misty Energeian Light Orb

Sealed Misty Energeian Poison Orb

Sealed Misty Energeian Shadow Orb

Sealed Misty Energeian Steam Orb

Sealed Misty Energeian Stone Orb

Sealed Misty Energeian Water Orb

Sealed Pure Energeian Air Orb

Sealed Pure Energeian Death Orb

Sealed Pure Energeian Decay Orb

Sealed Pure Energeian Disease Orb

Sealed Pure Energeian Earth Orb

Sealed Pure Energeian Elemental Orb

Sealed Pure Energeian Ethereal Orb

Sealed Pure Energeian Fire Orb

Sealed Pure Energeian Growth Orb

Sealed Pure Energeian Ice Orb

Sealed Pure Energeian Light Orb

Sealed Pure Energeian Metal Orb

Sealed Pure Energeian Poison Orb

Sealed Pure Energeian Shadow Orb

Sealed Pure Energeian Steam Orb

Sealed Pure Energeian Stone Orb

Sealed Pure Energeian Water Orb

Sealed Translucent Energeian Air Orb

Sealed Translucent Energeian Decay Orb

Sealed Translucent Energeian Disease Orb

Sealed Translucent Energeian Earth Orb

Sealed Translucent Energeian Elemental Orb

Sealed Translucent Energeian Ethereal Orb

Sealed Translucent Energeian Fire Orb

Sealed Translucent Energeian Growth Orb

Sealed Translucent Energeian Ice Orb

Sealed Translucent Energeian Light Orb

Sealed Translucent Energeian Poison Orb

Sealed Translucent Energeian Shadow Orb

Sealed Translucent Energeian Steam Orb

Sealed Translucent Energeian Stone Orb

Sealed Translucent Energeian Water Orb

Unfired Cloudy Energeian Air Orb

Unfired Cloudy Energeian Decay Orb

Unfired Cloudy Energeian Disease Orb

Unfired Cloudy Energeian Earth Orb

Unfired Cloudy Energeian Fire Orb

Unfired Cloudy Energeian Growth Orb

Unfired Cloudy Energeian Ice Orb

Unfired Cloudy Energeian Light Orb

Unfired Cloudy Energeian Poison Orb

Unfired Cloudy Energeian Shadow Orb

Unfired Cloudy Energeian Water Orb

Unfired Foggy Energeian Air Orb

Unfired Foggy Energeian Decay Orb

Unfired Foggy Energeian Disease Orb

Unfired Foggy Energeian Earth Orb

Unfired Foggy Energeian Fire Orb

Unfired Foggy Energeian Growth Orb

Unfired Foggy Energeian Ice Orb

Unfired Foggy Energeian Poison Orb

Unfired Misty Energeian Air Orb

Unfired Misty Energeian Decay Orb

Unfired Misty Energeian Disease Orb

Unfired Misty Energeian Earth Orb

Unfired Misty Energeian Fire Orb

Unfired Misty Energeian Growth Orb

Unfired Misty Energeian Ice Orb

Unfired Misty Energeian Light Orb

Unfired Misty Energeian Poison Orb

Unfired Misty Energeian Shadow Orb

Unfired Misty Energeian Steam Orb

Unfired Misty Energeian Stone Orb

Unfired Misty Energeian Water Orb

Unfired Pure Energeian Air Orb

Unfired Pure Energeian Death Orb

Unfired Pure Energeian Decay Orb

Unfired Pure Energeian Disease Orb

Unfired Pure Energeian Earth Orb

Unfired Pure Energeian Elemental Orb

Unfired Pure Energeian Ethereal Orb

Unfired Pure Energeian Fire Orb

Unfired Pure Energeian Growth Orb

Unfired Pure Energeian Ice Orb

Unfired Pure Energeian Light Orb

Unfired Pure Energeian Metal Orb

Unfired Pure Energeian Poison Orb

Unfired Pure Energeian Shadow Orb

Unfired Pure Energeian Steam Orb

Unfired Pure Energeian Stone Orb

Unfired Pure Energeian Water Orb

Unfired Translucent Energeian Air Orb

Unfired Translucent Energeian Decay Orb

Unfired Translucent Energeian Disease Orb

Unfired Translucent Energeian Earth Orb

Unfired Translucent Energeian Elemental Orb

Unfired Translucent Energeian Ethereal Orb

Unfired Translucent Energeian Fire Orb

Unfired Translucent Energeian Growth Orb

Unfired Translucent Energeian Ice Orb

Unfired Translucent Energeian Light Orb

Unfired Translucent Energeian Poison Orb

Unfired Translucent Energeian Shadow Orb

Unfired Translucent Energeian Steam Orb

Unfired Translucent Energeian Stone Orb

Unfired Translucent Energeian Water Orb



Tinkering Sunshard Ore Recipes (10 Recipes)

Silver Conduit (This item is used as a subcombine in the following recipes)

Silver Conduit Cap

Silver Conduit Cylinder

Silver Conduit Glove

Silver Conduit Large Core

Silver Conduit Leggings

Silver Conduit Sandal

Silver Conduit Shirt

Silver Conduit Sleeve

Silver Conduit Small Core

Silver Conduit Web