Titanium Ore Tradeskill Recipes 300 - 350

Titanium Ore

Titanium Ore is one of the mid level Cultural Ores that was introduced into the game during The Serpent's Spine expansion pack. Cultural Tradeskill materials have a low chance (about 5 - 10%) to drop off enemies around the level bracket that the item shows; so that means you'll find Titanium Ore off enemies between the levels 75 - 100.

Anyone looking to farm Titanium Ore has quite a few different options available to them. This ore starts dropping as early as the TSS zone Direwind Cliffs and continues throughout almost every expansion until RoF. Oceangreen Hills, Field of Scale, HoT Lower Floors, City of Bronze (VoA), Shard's Landing and finally Chelsith Reborn all make excellent locations to farm up some Titanium Ore.


Smithing Titanium Ore Recipes (6 Recipes)

Serpent's Seal

Sunshard Seal

Titanium Barbs

Titanium Fill

Titanium Studs

Undifferentiated Ore


Tailoring Titanium Ore Recipes (3 Recipes)

Inured Leather Whip (Requires Titanium Barbs Subcombine)

Inured Sap (Requires Titanium Fill Subcombine)

Inured Leather Fist Wraps (Requires Titanium Studs Subcombine)


Tinkering Titanium Ore Recipes (2 Recipes)

Serpent's Seal

Sunshard Seal