Fulginate Ore Tradeskill Recipes 300 - 350

Fulginate Ore

Fulginate Ore is one of the lower level Cultural Ores that was added into the game during the Dragons of Norrath expansion pack. Cultural Tradeskill materials have a low chance (about 5 - 10%) to drop off enemies around the level bracket that the item shows; so for Fulginate Ore that would be enemies between the levels of 35 - 65.

There's a few good places for you to farm Fulginate Ore in EQ. One of the best spots is Castle Mistmoore, almost anyone should be able to handle large pulls in that zone! Aside from Castle Mistmoore you also have City of Mist and Lower Guk for places to farm.


Pottery Fulginate Ore Recipes (1 Recipe)

Ornate Charm of Derived Foundation


Smithing Fulginate Ore Recipes (4 Recipes)

Fulginate Barbs

Fulginate Fill

Fulginate Studs

Undifferentiated Ore


Tailoring Fulginate Ore Recipe (3 Recipes)

Ornate Leather Whip (Requires Fulginate Barbs Subcombine)

Ornate Sap (Requires Fulginate Fill Subcombine)

Ornate Leather Fist Wraps (Requires Fulginate Studs Subcombine)

All three of these recipes also require Rough Animal Pelt to create.