Animal Fearbone Fletching Recipes for 300 - 350

Animal Fearbone

Animal Fearbones are only used for three Fletching recipes and are extremely common which makes them very easy to farm/buy. Due to how common they are and the fact that they have a trivial on their combine over 300 it makes them a great way to grind Fletching from 200 - 300 or grinding the Fletching Trophy; something to keep in mind.

The Animal Fearbone TS item has a rather small chance (5 - 10%) to drop from almost any animal enemy in an RoF zone. Humanoid enemies will not drop these items, something to keep in mind.

Those of you who decide to try and farm this item, there's really no better place than the Naeya in southern Shard's Landing. There's a ton of these guys, a lot of them are relatively weak and they drop Planar Goo (another RoF Tradeskill material), Animal Fearbone, Tainted Feather as well as about 5 different type of Cultural Pelts. They're a Tradeskillers gold mine basically.

Planar Energy Shard Farming Location





Fletching Animal Fearbone Recipes (3 Recipes)

CLASS 9 Steel Fearbone Arrow (large nock)

CLASS 9 Steel Fearbone Arrow (medium nock)

CLASS 9 Steel Fearbone Arrow (small nock)