Old Sebilis Key - Trakanon Idol (Trakanon's Teeth)

In order for players to access OId Sebilis they'll need to complete a brief quest in Trakanon's Teeth and obtain the Trakanon Idol. You'll need to defeat a froglok forager and hunter and loot both the Medallion of the Kunzar and Nathsar. Turn both of these into Emperor Ganak in the southern portion of the zone for the Trakanon Idol.

You can find the froglok foragers and hunters in the northwestern portion of Trakanon's Teeth just south of the Emerald Jungle zone line and east of the Swamp of No Hope zone line. The froglok hunters travel further east than foragers; while the froglok foragers usually travel further south than the hunters do. Sometimes you can even find a forager south of the river!

The drop rate on both Medallions is 100% and they're both No Drop despite what my pictures indicate. Unless you're using Firiona Vie rules then they'll match mine! A different type of Medallion drops from both types of frogloks that you find here - both are listed below in an easier to read format.

Froglok Hunter: Medallion of the Nathsar
Froglok Forager: Medallion of the Kunzar

Once you've obtained both of these Medallions travel all the way south in Trakanon's Teeth until you reach Emperor Ganak. If you don't have a map of the zone use the map that's provided above. You'll find Emperor Ganak at the southern end of the undead city which is in the southwestern portion of Trakanon's Teeth.

Just hand both items to Emperor Ganak and he'll return to you the Trakanon Idol (which will also be No drop). Now run over to Old Sebilis and click on the glowing globe to zone in. This will add the Trakanon Idol to your keyring at which point you can destroy it and you'll still be able to zone into Old Sebilis.

Those of you reading this that play on Project 99 won't be able to destroy it. That's something that'll only work for people playing EQ on an official Daybreak server (or an emulator post... say OoW era).