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Kissassist "Plug and Play" INI Files

This page is the index page for Kissassist INI files that cover every class in the game. Starting at level 1 and increasing in 5 level increments these INI files upgrade spells & use any new Disciplines or AAs that become available. Not all of them are perfect (especially the melee ones, I don't know melee classes very well) but every one of them do work.

In addition to finding an INI file on each page, you'll find a list of links that'll take you to guides which teach players more about the inner workings of Everquest. What Heroic Stats do, what type of gear to focus on/get first, ways to improve your character with ways other than gear or leveling up and things of that nature.




I've seen so many people ask the question, "Why do Almar's INIs suck so bad?" on Redguides and in their Discord that I am providing an answer here. Because they're designed that way! The majority of INIs on this website are designed to be templates or what I call Plug and Play INIs. They're designed to be basic, on purpose, so you can add what you want to them.

I created these INIs because I was annoyed by the fact that the majority of INIs on Redguides are filled with junk that my characters don't have or wouldn't want to use. Since everyone is different, everyone's going to want different things in their INIs. My INIs are designed to be the most basic version of that class possible, allowing you to add whatever else you want.

The last thing I will add too is, when I play the game using Kissassist, I expect to suck - because the program can't do even remotely close to as good DPS as you can do, by pressing buttons. I have proved this in my Kissassist DPS Vs Isboxer/Regularly Playing DPS Guide. Everything is explained on that page, where the problem is occuring and why. Since Kissassist can't do as good of DPS as an actual player, whenever I am doing something hard ingame - I don't use Kissassist. Therefore, I have no reason to tweak my INIs to be as good as possible, since the program, even playing at its best, can not do even 75% of what you can do yourself.

This is a very touchy subject on Redguides and on their Discord, which is why the majority of the time my INIs are brought up, I am just trolled or called bad. No one wants to admit that using Kissassist makes you worse at the game, because it would be the same thing as admitting they aren't good for using it. You can make the decision yourself, my job is just to provide the information that's available to you.














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