Almar's Language Macro

This is a macro that I made since I play on Firiona Vie and I have to deal with the language restrictions on that server. Using /mac language will give me an extremely fast and effective means of raising any language to 100 without having to do any of the actual work myself.

The macro itself is extremely simplistic. Really all it does is spams the group channel with a few strings of text. Be absolute sure you're not in a real group when you turn this on because it spams really fast. You'll likely annoy someone by turning it on.


#turbo 40

Sub Main
/g ASDAGafbfg asgasdfgadfg agh dg
/g asg asdfg dfg dfgadfhadfhh a hasfh
/g asdfg adgh h asdfhhadfh
/goto :loop