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Velketor's Labyrinth - Velious Leveling Guide

Velketors Labyrinth

The entrance area of Velketor's Labyrinth is good for well geared solo players or smaller groups that are between the levels of 35 - 45. I'd recommend not coming here at all pre 40 unless you have a group or are boxing a few characters. Near the entrance you'll be killing mostly Spiders and Gargoyle enemies.

Throughout this entire zone you'll want to keep an eye out for Small Brick of Velium, Small Piece of Velium, Large Brick of Velium, Block of Velium, all of these items are used in crafting and will be quite valuable for Velious as well as many expansions to come.

Aside from the entrance area of Velketor's Labyrinth you also have two kobold camps which are good for players 45 - 60. The EXP at them will really start to slow down once you near level 60 but you definitely could level here until 60 (I have).

I strongly recommended that you bring a group to handle these guys. If you have a few higher levels with you; you won't need a full group. But you should have at least some help since the kobolds very commonly come in pairs or greater and they also have a tendancy to cast heals on one another and provide support.

Common drops include: Spider Fur Belt, Cloak and Collar - Crystalline Silk Belt and stuff like Book of Twilight, Robe of Melding Auras, Kobold Jester's Crown

Rare/more valuable drops include: Lute of the Howler, Black Ice Sleeves, Sword of Pain (Permanent clickable Grim Aura AA for Shadow Knights)


Additional Zone Information

- The only zone connected to Velketor's Labyrinth is The Great Divide. Both Wizards and Druids can port to Great Divide (GD).

- Velketor the Sorceror is a raid boss that's located in this zone

Pickzone Threshold: 30 Players

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