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Siren's Grotto - Velious Leveling Guide

Siren's Grotto is one of Velious' most annoying dungeons since basically half of the entire dungeon is underwater! It's very strongly recommended you don't attempt this zone unless you have a decent group 55+ and preferably Enduring Breath of some sort.

Boxers will definitely need Enduring Breath otherwise they're going to be losing some of their characters to drowning while traversing this zone. There are a few different camp locations in this zone but let's start with the easiest two! The first camp with the best loot in the entire zone is Fellspine!

Fellspine is the named Seahorse which spawns in the waters throughout Siren's Grotto. He drops the best loot out of all the named enemies in the zone but he's also the most annoying to farm since he's underwater. Farming him without Enduring Breath will be nearly impossible.

Aside from Fellspine the second/third best camp in this zone would be Mistress Latazura who is on the eastern most end of this zone. Mistress Latazura is a relatively rare spawn inside the large building and she drops Lyendlln's Lute, Sleeves of the Kelpmaidens, Gloomwater Bow and Cloak of the Seacaller.

Note that most named Siren's in this zone drop Sleeves of the Kelpmaidens as well as Gloomwater Bow. Finally tied for second/third the next best camp is all the way up north in this zone by the Western Wastes zone line. You can actually reach this zone line by evacing the second you enter the zone (which is a great tip for getting across this zone).

Up north you'll find walrus and ulthark enemies mixed together. These enemies are usually social with one another and you shouldn't always expect single pulls.

The final and hardest camp in the zone is the central tower that's filled with ulthark and sirens. You can find a shimmering sea spirit here as well which drops Drums of the Beast, Shield of the Tsunami and Wavecrasher. There are also some Siren's here which share some of Mistress Latazura's loot table.

That's really all there is to Siren's Grotto except for the area up north near Mistress of the Darkwater that's down through the underwater tunnel. This camp is extremely difficult since it's all sirens and the pathing sucks - some seahorses pop through the floor and attack you or keep you in combat and no pulls are single.

Also the Mistress of the Darkwater is no joke. Beware.


Additional Zone Information

- The easiest way to reach Siren's Grotto is through Cobalt Scar. Have a Wizard or Druid port you then swim over to the zone line.

- You can easily traverse Siren's Grotto by using a Succor spell the moment you enter the zone. It will put you nearby the Western Wastes zone line.

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Siren's Grotto Original AA Leveling Guide
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