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Iceclad Ocean - Velious Leveling Guide

Iceclad Ocean Leveling Locations

Iceclad Ocean is probably the largest zone in all of Velious and it's not really the best for those looking to group up and do some hunting. The zone does however make a relatively decent location for players looking to solo (or group in small numbers, preferably kiters).

The large blue box on my map below is the lowest level enemies that you'll find in the zone mixed in with some higher level ones (cause of course). A dire wolf, a snow dervish and frost giant scouts are all easily pullable to the southern cusp of the island which is a safe spot to kite them.

A little bit further north you'll find the purple box which has a bunch of snow goblins jam packed together inside of it. There are a ton of them in here and you'll want to be really careful while pulling as to not get too many adds. On this same island you'll find Tower of Frozen Shadow as well as more dervish, wolf and cougar roaming enemies.

Finally all the way up north where you see the orange box on my map above is where you'll find some really spaced out snow cougars. The snow cougars are between the levels of 27 - 33 and are super easy to kite around.


Additional Zone Information

- There are three main ways to reach Iceclad Ocean. You can get a Druid or Wizard to port you here if you're lucky otherwise you'll need to take a boat from North Ro or zone in from Eastern Wastes.

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