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Great Divide - Velious Leveling Guide

The Great Divide Map

Those in their low 30s will want to solo around the PoK book in the north. There will be plenty of mobs to pull nearby and you can safely kite around here - in running distance of Eastern Wastes if you get into trouble. If you're in your lower 30s (or late 20s) with a group you'd find decent EXP up in the northwestern portion of the zone killing Tizmak enemies in the caves.

The Tizmak won't come in single pulls but many of them are 26 - 28 so if you're in your lower 30s it should balance out decently.

Once you start leveling up more and reach 35 - 40 you can venture south to the the area around Velketor's if you're without a group. You'll find some enemies in and around the caves here which you'll be able to kite around. Alternatively you could just try to get a group inside Velketor's.

For players 35 - 40 that are in a group, the central caverns in The Great Divide offer a decent location to hunt. Inside here you'll find a bunch of wurm enemies with moderate resists so they'll be a pain in the rear for casters unless you have a tash or malo with you.

The upside though is they drop a ton of spells and give semi decent EXP. I'd only recommend this location though if you can't find room in Velketor's Labyrinth as that place is a pretty darn sweet place to hunt.


Additional Zone Information

- The easiest way to reach The Great Divide is to have a Wizard or Druid port you (once PoK hits you can just take the stone in PoK).

Great Divide Allakhazam Zone Information

Great Divide P99 Zone Information