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Dragon Necropolis - Velious Leveling Guide

Dragon Necropolis

Dragon Necropolis is an absolutely massive zone with a few different hunting locations depending on what your level range is. Across the entire top floor of Dragon Necropolis you'll find mostly Phase Spider enemies without much else. I strongly recommend you avoid the bone piles across the top floor as they can spawn a pretty tough undead dragon which has high resists and a ton of HP.

The Phase Spider enemies up top drop Phase Spider Carapaces which are a great low level chest slot item for twinks. Additionally if you go far enough east in the zone to where the underground tunnel area starts you'll come across some Chetari as well. These enemies are a bit tougher than the Phase Spiders and I will get to them below.

Before I skip to the underground part of Dragon Necropolis I would like to mention one of the harder nameds that is in the top area of Dragon Necropolis, Queen Raltaas. She's an extremely tough named but she drops Queen's Carapace which is a fantastic chest piece that'll net you a pretty penny in The Bazaar if you don't use it yourself.

The second half of the zone and much harder half is the Chetari tunnels. Down here you'll find an absolute ton of Chetari mobs and it'll be quite tough to tackle without a good group since you get almost an endless stream of adds while hunting down here. The hallways are the most dangerous place to hunt since so many Chetari enemies patrol through them you'll often end up having 5 or 6 Chetari enemies patrol into you while fighting in the hall.

I'd recommend you hunt in the room that's to the northwest on my map above. Normally I camp in the large room and pull all the Chetari enemies throughout the area that I see. There's two puddles you have to watch out for while pathing in this area but this is the most wide open area that doesn't have a raid boss that spawns in it (Zlandicar spawns in the rooms to the south).

While here I recommend you hang onto all the gems that drop since they're used in the different Velious Armor Quests (Thurgadin, Kael, Skyshrine). I also recommend you hold onto the Bat Skull Earrings and Bat Skull Headbands and Chetari Wardstaffs as you'll be able to sell them in The Bazaar for many expansions to come. They make good budget gear for players. The Chetari enemies here also drop Flayed Paebala which is a NO DROP set of armor.

While down here there are a few different named Chetari that you might come across. Be warned that these guys are deceptively difficult. Vaniki can easily lay waste to even some of the more prepared groups.

Vaniki: Willsapper

Warmaster Utvara: Chetari Bonecrafted Shield

Seeker Bulava: Scroll of Enlightenment

Dominator Yisaki: Scroll of Knowledge

Dustbinder Grakina: Null

That's all there is to the bottom portion of Dragon Necropolis. There's a few more nameds that I left out, one of them being Vilefang which is one of the more popular enemies I see people coming to this zone for. He's in the southern portion of the caves a bit closer to Zlandicar.


Additional Zone Information

- You can reach Dragon Necropolis by getting a port to Cobalt Scar and running through Siren's Grotto.

- There is a raid boss in the Chetari tunnels of this zone, Zlandicar.

Pickzone Threshold: 30 Players

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