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Sverag, the Stronghold of Rage - Prophecy of Ro Guide

The Sverag, Stronghold of Rage is an unique little zone that not many people who play this game probably even know about.


Chief Star Eater: Pauldrons of Bright Fire, Shattered Emberstone Fragment

Chieftan Darkmaw: Pauldrons of Bright Fire, Shattered Emberstone Fragment

General Vergomil: Shattered Emberstone Fragment

Hivsgar the Terrible: Bloodmarked Buckler, Boneskull Mask

Queen Suvarla the Sterile: Boneskull Mask

The Skulltaker: Bloodmarked Buckler, Boneskull Mask

Verzoo: Boneskull Mask

Soulfury Embermeer: Jade of the Ether (Aug), Steeledge Stone (Aug)


The Subjugant: Heart of Ice (Aug), Sage Sapphire (Aug)

Broodwarder HeartKnell: Dreadwood Hammer

Builder Sneev: Titanothon Tunic, Dreadwood Hammer



Gerind Weaponsmith:

Master At Arms Prizenat:


Terish Fellclaw:

Restrainted Cereton:


Raid Bosses in Sverag; Stronghold of Rage:

Aryer the Warlord:

Jyrta, the Watchful Eye:

Keloss the Ruthless:

Nezark, the Undying Spirit (Undead): Blood-Quenched Visor of Animosity, Coalesced Drop of Focused Thought (Aug), Earring of Preserved Restraint, Embroidered Silverweave Cord of Conflict, Last Blood, Sundering Sword of the Fallen Hero

Prexak the Champion:

Razorclaw the Defiant:

Ruingtor the Champion:

Sazlak the Omnipotent:


Additional Information

- In order for players to reach Sverag, Stronghold of Rage they'll need to first travel to The Devastation. Once here, go the western side of the structure in the central portion of this zone and attack the door to break it down, then zone in. For more information on How to get to Sverag, Stronghold of Rage follow the link provided to be taken to my guide.