Netherbian Lair - Luclin Leveling Guide

Netherbian Lair - Luclin Leveling Guide

The Netherbian Lair is most often thought of as only a place that you travel through but actually this zone makes a pretty nifty hunting location for a few levels! As you can see from the map above there are three smaller tunnels which connect to the main tunnels that run through the zone.

Each of these tunnels is filled with a different type of enemy. In the one furthest south you'll find phlargs, across the hall from that you'll find troglodytes and the tunnel juting off the center part of the zone you'll find netherbian enemies... They're bug like looking enemies.

I'd recommend pulling the enemies out into the central halls until you reach at least 23. If you don't have a group you might want to always stay out in the hallways. With a group though you'll want to move into the tunnels as inside you'll find that the enemies start getting marginally harder with the highest levels 25/26.

There are a few different named enemies that you'll find in this zone. Only two of them drop worthwhile loot (which are mentioned below) but there are a total of 6 different nameds you need to kill for the zone's achievement.

The Swarm Leader: Netherbian Chitin

The Trog King: Soiled Breechclout



Additional Information

- You can reach Netherbian Lair easily from both Dawnshroud Peaks and The Nexus.

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