Oceangreen Village "Relatively Weak" Animals - 80 - 85

a brown beara whiskered bat

Note: This guide was written during 2008 when Underfoot was the main expansion pack. It may be inaccurate for players currently on live. It contains a lot of information, some of which may still be useful to players which is why I have decided to preserve the guide. If you haven't already I recommend you read my Oceangreen Village Leveling Guide.

Oceangreen Village is another great hunting zone for Relatively Weak animals. Almost all over this zone you will find animals that con "Relatively Weak" to you... Actually the only things that don't con relatively weak in the zone are the named mobs (duh!) the Skeletons, Zombies and the Human Cultists. If by any chance you're unfamiliar with the whole Relatively Weak ordeal that was implemented with the SoD expansion, here is a quick little exerpt on it I put into all of my guides.

If you are new to the whole relatively weak con on these mobs, it means that the mobs hit for much less and have much less HP than regular mobs. Pretty much they are weaker than a regular mob of this level in every single way possible. Also since these mobs are weaker than all other mobs of their level as you could have guessed they do give less XP than usual. I suspect that these mobs were added for people who accidentally blew through the earlier levels and didn't get any AAs and now are severly gimped and now need to make up for where they went wrong.

Now let's get back on track with Oceangreen Village! For the most Relatively weak mobs in the zone you will want to stick to the areas I have circled in blue on the map below. These areas are away from the Human Cultists and have the least amount of Skeletons or Zombies wandering around here. Don't get me wrong, there are still some Skeletons and Zombies just signifigantly less than you would encounter on the other side of the path.

Map of where the Relatively Weak Animals are in Oceangreen Village

Depending on how many AAs you have you may want to do everything in your power to avoid the zombies and skeletons. They hit really hard and without and defensive AAs can probably ruin your day quickly. At 80 - 85 once you have about 400 AAs (placed well into CA/CS/Other Defensive AAs) you will start to be able to survive the skeleton and zombie encounters and maybe even move to the other side of the path and take out the cultist mobs too!



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