Oceangreen Hills: Zombies 80 - 87

a zombie bombardier

The Zombies in Oceangreen Hills are a great source of XP for players 80 and above. The zombies themselves are pretty decent XP but the real topper here is the fact that there is a task involving the Irregular Signet Rings that they drop. This task is called Names for the Faceless and you can get it just northeast of the zombies in the town.

However since this page is built specifically for the zombies I am going to be going into more detail about all of this here. I'll copy and paste what I have on the task page below but for now let's focus on the zombie camp. There are about a dozen zombies around just outside the town's walls and they usually don't come in single pulls so it can be a bit difficult if you are lower level with not so good gear and not many AAs. In fact my 85 Ranger still struggles here at times if I pull too many. But this is only because he is very low on AAs (only about 1k). I made the mistake of rushing levels and have regret it ever since.

The zombies themselves aren't that bad to handle even if you get 3 of them in a single pull, which isn't uncommon, it is the gnoll and other wandering adds that can get annoying. Those adds hit just as hard as the zombies and they run (which the undead do not). If you're a Ranger, Druid or Beastlord or any class that is friendly with animals that usually isn't a problem but if the animals here all hate you, oohhh boy the adds can pile up quick. Luckily 90% of the animals are relatively weak but they can still be annoying.

Well now that you know this location is great XP it is time to talk about the loot. There is nothing of real value here that is worth hanging on to, to sell in The Bazaar. The Defiant Gear is a nice seller as well as the cultural goodies. The main piece of loot you are going to want to put on your watch list though are the Irregular Signet Rings which are used for the Names for the Faceless task which the details for this task are just below.

Map of Zombies and Names for the Faceless task Locations

OGH Zombies Location

The blue circle is where you will find the zombies for this task and the little area right below where it says town is where you will find the task, Names for the Faceless, which you will most definitely want to pick up while grinding the zombies. Below is a bit of information on that Names for the Faceless task.

Names for the Faceless

Deliver 10 Irregular Signet Rings to Garvin Windrunner

This task here is my favorite OGH task because it is the easiest task to do and gives you the most XP out of all of them. The reason I find it to be so easy to do is because you can collect the Irregular Signet Rings before or after accepting the quest and still turn them in. You could farm up hundreds of them and just turn them all into the NPC once you're done. Since the task gives great XP and can be repeated indefinitely it is by far my favorite task to do in OGH.

Despite this task being so easy I will admit the zombies it has you killing are a little bit tough. Even at a higher level such as 85 these zombies can pose a problem if you get too many of them on you at once. This all of course depends entirely on how many AAs you have and your gear. If you have a lot of AAs and good gear you'll be able to plow through these zombies like no tomorrow. Or if you're a Paladin, oh boy talk about great XP!

- End of Task Information -

As mentioned earlier this location is an amazing place for any Paladins looking to level up quickly using their Slay Undead AA line. So much so that this location is replacing what I currently have in the guide as Hills of Shade for this level range. There isn't much more to say for specifically Paladins that wasn't already covered aside from you'll have a great amount of fun here.

Important Final Note:

While you're leveling up here even when your Names for the Faceless task is on cooldown and you can't accept it again; be sure to loot all of the Irregular Signet Rings and hold onto them. Maybe one day you can only log on for a few minutes, well do that every 6 hours, turn in the task and then log back out. Eventually you'll have built up quite a few AAs from just turning in the task 3 times or more a day and logging off.