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How to reach The Howling Stones

The Overthere to Howling Stones

If you're familiar with how to reach the original Charasis (Howling Stones) added into the game during Kunark, you should know how to reach this one too! An added benefit is no key or flag is required in order to zone into this version of Howling Stones.

To reach this zone, take the Guild Hall portal to The Overthere and travel southeast down into the pit (if you don't have Levitate, follow my blue line down into the pit or the fall could kill you) until you reach the tomb entrance to Charasis. This is where things will start to get a bit tricky since some of the enemies in here see through invis and they hit HARD.

If you're a class with an Invulnerability spell I strongly recommend breaking invis and casting it on yourself prior to reaching the crystal you have to click on. There are many Scorpkis enemies around the crystal so if invis breaks and they all hit you - it'll be difficult to survive.


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