Valley of King Xorbb - Stormwheel Camp

From my personal experience there are only two really good camps in Valley of King Xorbb, the first and best camp I have found is the one down in the sewers by Body of Many, Corpsehide and Shroomdeath. The second camp is right here, by Stormwheel and Frothtooth. The reason I enjoy this camp is because it is pretty easy to pull to and not only that but Stormwheel and Frothtooth (despite having pretty crappy normal drops) are two of the five different nameds in the zone that have a chance of dropping Xorbb's extremely rare unqiue Power Source!

This Power Source has an ungodly extremely low chance to drop and most likely you will never ever see it drop from farming in this zone. Incase you would like to do some research on the Power Source it is called Xorbb's Caged Hatred, there is a link to it for you as well. This Power Source will sell for over a million plat and is currently (during RoF) the best Power Source in the game. I don't know anyone who actually uses it, but I know a lot of people equip one to boost the stats on their Magelos for /epeen. Regardless of what people use it for, it will sell without a doubt.

Aside from the Power Source there is almost nothing else of value that drops from either of these nameds. Of course you can get Fear Stained to use for upgrades as well as Dreadmotes but nothing of massive value like the Power Source. In fact if this wasn't the best camp to farm for the Power Source in the zone, I wouldn't even document it.

Below is a map of where this location is on the map of Xorbb. It is just to the right of the zone in and there are two different spots you can camp here (Both are marked by the light blue little dots on the picture below). Also on that map #1 is the round about area where Stormwheel will spawn. The #2 represents where you can find Frothtooth. Depending on which named you would rather camp determines which of the blue dots you should setup camp at. Note that you can pull both nameds from each dot but you won't be able to clear all of their Placeholders before you start getting some respawns.

The only other thing really worth mentioning about this camp is if you'd like to do some easy Tasks at the same time speak with Oolab at the southern entrance to this easterly area of the zone. He is a bear who is a 'Halfling in disguse'. Speak with him and accept both tasks, one is to kill the bears and the other is to kill snakes in the area. Both of these tasks are used for the Mercenary quest line and are extremely easy to complete. The rewards you get for each of these tasks blow though, so don't think you can grind these tasks endlessly for phat lewtz and xpz. It just won't work like that.

In closing, the only few other things worth mentioning are that you will be able to single pull just about everything in this entire area. Animals will share linked threats meaning if you pull a bear and run it through a snake the snake will come too. However the Stormwheels can be pulled by anything and you'll be ok.


Items Worth Saving:

Planar Goo

Planar Energy Shard

Minor, Median, Lesser, Greater, Glowing Dreadmotes



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