Valley of King Xorbb - Sewers Camp

Xorbb is an excellent example of a love hate zone in my book. I love a lot of aspects and parts of this zone, this camp being one of them. But a lot of Xorbb is so annoyingly buggy that it just ruins the entire experience for you. For example Minotaurs often fall through the ceiling down into the sewers and if they land in the middle of your camp instead of by a puller or tank that's the end of your group rather quickly I might add. Water elementals that patrol through here can do the same thing.

Also one of the nameds can be a bitch of a pain sometimes, A Body of Many spawns an absolute crap ton of adds during the encounter and if you're not ready for all of the adds you can get overwhelmed rather quickly and beaten to a pulp if someone manages to pull agro on the adds. The only other danger is mobs spawning in the middle of your camp and beating up your casters. It's not too much of a problem if you keep an eye out for respawns but it can still sometimes be an issue in those single moments where you forget to watch your back.

Now from looking at the map below you're probably aware there are two nameds that spawn right around this camp. #1 marks A Body of Many's spawn locations and #2 marks Corpsehide's spawn locations. A Body of Many is actually pretty tough, as aforementioned earlier. Corpsehide is a pathetic excuse for a named and the only thing he does is a spin stun single target DD. It hits for a lot but it's easily to heal through.

Aside from these two nameds there are two other nameds that you'd have to over extend to pull. The first is #3, Shroomdeath. It's actually a pretty good named to do considering they drop a nice aug. The second named isn't on the map below since you'd have to severely over extend to pull it, A Tunnel Slither. It spawns far up the tunnel to the north and is another really easy named to kill. It drops Helping Hand which is the best non raid Healer weapon aug.

Since Shroomdeath is the only realistic third named to pull let me tell you a little about him. Well, you need to know only one thing, be careful pulling him. A few rooms inside where Shroomdeath spawns can agro 3 or 4 mobs with each pull and without and way to crowd control you could imagine how fast that can get messy!

As always, the best place to camp down here is where my little blue mark is on the map. You'll get one or two spawns that can agro you inside your camp area here but nothing like anywhere else there is to camp.


Items Worth Saving:

Planar Goo

Planar Energy Shard

Minor, Median, Lesser, Greater, Glowing Dreadmotes


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