Shard's Landing Underground City Camp

One of the best camps for players to grind out strictly experience is in Shard's Landing inside the Underground City. The reason this place is so good is because there are tons of Alarans inside here, enough for probably a dozen groups, they're very easy to kill and give great experience. Also the Alarans inside this city drop a unique set of Collectibles which you will be able to sell in The Bazaar if you run a trader (which you definitely should).

In this guide I am not going to go over any nameds, instead I am just going to cover a few different places I like to camp since I made this guide more as an XP guide than a named camping guide. Some would argue that there is no better place to grind out XP in RoF than right here in the Underground City and I could possibly agree with that. Aside from experience a huge0 part of hunting here is upgrading your Stone Tear which is an item that goes into your Ammo slot and gives you bonuses to some hard to come by attributes.

You can upgrade this Stone Tear two ways, the first is by using the Fragments of Heavy Alaran History that originally gave you this tear. Using these after you already have the tear will give you a significant boost in XP for the item. The second and most common way to skill up your Stone Tear is simply by killing Alarans on Alaris. Now keep in mind that the tear says it is only useable/active on Alaris but it actually gives you bonuses anywhere you go since Rain of Fear.

There are a few places I recommend you camp inside the Underground City. The first is the Silent Hall over to the east. You should remember this place if you have done any Tasks at all here. It's one of the most frequented places in all of the Underground City. It is marked by #1 on my map above.

The second camp I generally enjoy is the furthest southern portion in the Underground City. This area I like so much because the mobs are extremely easy to pull here and are spread out enough to where you will almost never get more than you pull. This camp is marked as #2 on my map above.

The third and final camp that I like down in the Underground City is the Council Chamber. There aren't as many mobs here but it is still a good camp inside of this city and definitely worth it if you're not the most capable of groups or solo players. This camp is marked as a #3 on my map above.

That's pretty much all there is to the Underground City in Shard's Landing. You have a few different places you can camp inside this city now, each of the places pretty much on par with the other giving you a lot of different options for some serious XP grinding! Which of the places you choose is entirely up to you, although I can tell you that #1 is the hardest camp with the most mobs, #2 is inbetween and #3 is the easiest camp of them all.


Items Worth Saving:

Planar Goo

Planar Energy Shard

Minor, Median, Lesser, Greater, Glowing Dreadmotes


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