Grelleth - Field Camp

Let me start off by saying I have spent time at almost every single camp in Rain of Fear and I think without a doubt in my mind that this camp will gives you the best bang for your buck when it comes to experience. You will almost never get two mobs in a single pull, there are tons of mobs around this entire camp for you to pull without any trouble at all and there are 3 different nameds for you to kill from this camp. If all of that wasn't enough the mobs you'll be killing here drop collection items which you can sell for a nice price if you get the right ones.

To get started with this camp, let's go over the three different nameds. The first one is Stitches who's place holders are any selyrah in the area. The second named you have is Beast Caller Plakt who's place holders are A Creature Keepers. The final named you can pull to this camp is Polluter Slaunk. Depending on your group setup and how much damage you have you may not be able to pull Polluter Slaunk too, he has quite a bit of trash between him and where you're meant to camp.

Below you can find a map of this location with a few added details. First, the blue dot is where you'll safely (or semi safely) be able to camp. In this zone, at the blue dot you will be completely safe. The #1 is the first named you will find here, Stitches. The #2 is the second named you will find here, Beast Caller Plakt. The final named is the #3 on the map which is where you will find Polluter Slaunk. There are not many camps that give you access to three different nameds, which is the exact reason I absolutely love this one.

Something else I find very worth mentioning is that you can get tasks for all of the different types of mobs you're killing here from the quest hub area right at the zone in. Scoop up all of the mercenary quests for a nice XP boost or a boost to the stats on an aug/aug charm (if you have Stone of the Landing or an aug that requires task completion).


Items Worth Saving:

Planar Goo

Planar Energy Shard

Minor, Median, Lesser, Greater, Glowing Dreadmotes

Animal Fearbone

Tainted Feather



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