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How to Reach Argin Hiz

Argin Hiz Tree

Reaching Argin Hiz is super easy - first you need to head to South Ro. If you're a Wizard or have a Wizard you can use your Evacuate: Ro spell to port right next to the Argin Hiz zone line. From the wizard spires you can see a tree in the distance that is distinctly a different color, shown in the screenshot above.

All you need to do is run over to this tree and click on it to be taken to Argin Hiz. Once in Argin Hiz don't forget to take the portal to West Karana to attune yourself to the zone! You can come right back once attuned - so you won't have to worry about taking the long way ever again!

The Map Location of the Burnt Tree can be found just below.

Argin Hiz Burnt Tree Map Location


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