Cazic Thule - Classic Leveling Guide

Cazic Thule

The Temple of Cazic Thule is one of the few dungeons in Classic EQ that is fantastic for players in their late 20s to early 40s. This zone is gigantic and has room for many different groups covering a wide variety of level ranges. A majority of the enemies you'll be killing here are lizardmen but there are some camps with different species of enemies.

If you're reading this guide and your server is PAST Luclin - you'll have a different version of Cazic Thule and this guide will be irrelevant to you. Also, Cazic Thule post Luclin is super beefed up in difficulty so coming here and trying to hunt will most definitely result in a quick trip back to the Soul Binder.

For players who are reading this while it's Classic, Kunark or Velious - you're in the right place! As you can see from the map above I've broken CT down into the four major camps. Each camp has a little blurb written below about it that will give you some additional information.

Purple Area - This is the camp known as the Temple in Cazic Thule. It has two floors and the second floor is signifigantly harder than the first. Since there's two floors this camp is usually split into the courtyard + first floor of the temple and then the second group (if there is one) gets the whole second floor. Lizardscale Cloak, Lizardscale Mantle, Ravenscale Leggings, Ravenscale Coif, Ravenscale Bracer.

Light Blue Area - This is known as the Maze also it's where Wizards port into the zone at. The Maze is one of the lower level portions of Cazic Thule, much like the Temple's first floor. Ball of Golem Clay, Lizardskin Tribal Mask. **Camp here if you're low level**

Dark Blue Area - Up here is the camp known as "Four Corners". Depending on how good the group is you usually kill the monsters outside of the pyramid in each of the four corners which leaves the pyramid for another group.

Red Area - This is the Avatar Pyramid camp and the hardest camp of Cazic Thule and is split into multiple different camps. The outside is its own area and is a lot easier than the inside. The inside area is home to the Avatar of Fear and Cazic Cenobite. These guys drop Ravenscale Chestguard and Ravenscale Boots. On most TLP servers the Avatar of Fear also has a chance of dropping Rubicite Breastplate!

Out of all the areas mentioned above I recommend the Maze and Temple to players 30 - 38 and anyone who is 38+ will find the best EXP at either the Avatar camp (red circle) or the purple circle better known as Four Corners.


Additional Zone Information

- There's a mob that has a chance of spawning in a few different places throughout the zone, A Lizard Crusader. He drops Decayed Armor pieces which are used in the Shadow Knight Darkforge Armor Quests.

- On most of the Progression Servers Rubicite Armor drops again in Cazic Thule. That includes the rare Rubicite Breastplate which drops off of the Avatar of Fear.

- Cazic Thule gets revamped in Luclin to a much higher harder version of itself. For a writeup of that zone head over to my Cazic Thule post Luclin Guide. The Rubicite is taken out at this time.

- Wizards can port to this zone; aside from a Wizard port until the Guild Hall is implemented the only way to reach this zone is by traveling through The Feerrott.

P99 Cazic Thule Zone Information