Everquest LF_Nvr Advloot File

           This is the Loot File that tells Advloot the items you never want to loot; hence the Nvr in the title. If you haven't read my LF_AN page I recommend you do as that explains how you can add items to both of these files by just using Lucy Spell Viewer and some ingenuity.


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76914^2200^Tainted Oleander
99951^863^Stained Fine Runic Sortilege Sheet
44962^2208^Immaculate Laburnum
76917^2208^Tainted Laburnum
85434^4855^Ebon Wizard Hat Ornament
81130^978^Lumber Plank
44951^2198^Immaculate Caladium
76913^2040^Tainted Muscimol
98536^3230^Sage's Immaculate Linens
88950^778^Tome: Phantom Assailant Rk. II
81994^6756^Animal Venom
76916^2198^Tainted Caladium
76919^2224^Tainted Delphinium
81985^1092^Steel Ingot
85330^6511^Ethernere Diamond
61345^2999^Dervish Essence
81162^555^Leather Roll
98797^3230^Lowenn's Sagacious Mantle
13073^804^Bone Chips
30984^1070^Dusty Iksar Skull
51908^2138^Enchanted Werebone
69307^1440^Essence of Howling Stones
24084^733^Dust of Decay
11941^1174^Finely Crafted Fer`Esh
6290^861^Lore of the Evocationist
16976^1074^Crystallized Sulfur
36281^1075^Simple Binding Powder
97866^552^Raw Fine Supple Runic Hide
11940^1174^Balanced Fer`Esh
48034^905^Brittle Bone
5163^578^Guardians Mace
38699^1466^Exquisite Gem Dusted Rune
30987^1070^Glowing Iksar Skull
6283^682^The Blood Agreement
6388^758^Tainted Shield of Blessed Faith
3218^540^Kylong Greaves
19336^504^Spell: Evacuate
19387^504^Spell: Wind of Tashani
6397^647^Runed Brass Disk
6600^683^Chant of Pain
19410^504^Spell: Sedulous Subversion
62241^549^Acid Etched Girdle
3889^1147^Mirror of Self-loathing
50396^1861^Flawed Adept's Rake
57100^1156^Corrosive Goo
19275^504^Spell: Spirit of the Howler
10051^511^Ruby Crown
62227^1057^Burned Bone Bracelet
11943^1186^Finely Crafted Sheer Blade
97869^683^Grimy Spell Scroll
19244^504^Spell: Form of the Howler
4297^505^Rotbone Bracelet
10261^946^Glob of Gooey Goo
11942^1186^Balanced Sheer Blade
6573^865^Tome of the Corrupter
4295^543^Dusty Rusted Vambraces
4294^1235^Dusty Rusted Shackles
50117^1587^Flawed Defiant Plate Bracer
19307^504^Spell: Conjure Corpse
11938^1185^Balanced Shan`Tok
50119^1565^Flawed Defiant Plate Boots
40899^2016^Skeleton Parts
14709^1053^Necklace of Superiority
19246^504^Spell: Tunare`s Request
7250^762^Rapier of Oriin
19281^504^Spell: Talisman of the Brute
19389^504^Spell: Zumaik`s Animation
3214^527^Kylong Chestplate
19212^504^Spell: Reckoning
97867^683^Grubby Crude Spell Scroll





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