Optional Mez Button

The Optional Mez Button and Optional Slow Button I don't really like which is why they are not a core part of my interface. I've tried multiple methods of using Slow with Isboxer and the best method I have found is Hotbar Swapping - which is something I talk about in the more Advanced Parts of all my boxing guides.

For those of you out there who haven't read that far ahead yet and are freaking out because the mobs you're fighting aren't getting slowed or that you aren't able to utilize your Enchanter's mez... This page is for you! I'm going to show you how to set up these macros for you to decide if you actually like it or not. If you don't then you can use my Hotbar swapping idea later.

The first thing you'll want this macro to do is assist your tank. You're going to want the rest of your characters to keep their current target while you target different enemies to Mez. Don't forget you'll want to turn off Auto Attack while you do this & you'll have to stop attacking completely on your tank (which if you've paired any DPS keys like I do - becomes a chore). This is one of the main reasons I choose not to make a Mez macro on my Box team.

That's really all there is to it - another issue I find is while you're trying to DPS on your casters your Enchanter will also be spamming his DPS abilities since they're all bound to the same key. This also causes issues while trying to mez enemies during combat.

While I have found an effective way for you to slow on Enchanter/Shamans I have never figured out an effective way of how to use Mez. Any time I've needed mez I usually just pop all my Burns on my Wizards and beat the encounter through sheer DPS instead. If I absolutely needed mez no matter what I would make Character Specific Keybinds on the Enchanter and play him in combat with the tank.