Learning How to Use Kissassist (Buffs & Melee)

With this guide we're going to continue going over the basics with Kissassist. The next thing that we're going to look at is the buffs section of the INI and the Melee section. Almost everyone out there can make great use of the Buff section - it's for more than just buff classes, it's also used for some melee AAs that restore endurance as well as some caster AAs that restore mana.

The melee section on the other hand, only a few classes are going to fully utilize it. Also the entire melee section comes with an addendum about botting and other players thinking you're botting which is a whole mouthful that we have to deal with. Hopefully things change on this in the near future.

**Important** Kissassist is regularly updated which means that this guide will always be somewhat out of date. I'd recommend you use the guide over at Redguides for the most up to date information.


To get started, let's take a look at the Buffs section of Kissassist. It only has a few On/Off options for us to choose from - the meat of 'Buffs' is the actual buffs which have a ton of different formats and options depending on what your preference is. Below I go over how you'll want to setup your Buffs section of your KA INI file and give you some formatting tips.


BuffsOn=0 (This turns your Buffs ON in the INI. Very important that you turn this on if you expect your characters to buff at all).

BuffsCon=0 (This turns your Buffs Conditions to On - this is a bit more complicated and we'll get to that later).

BuffsSize=20 (This tells you the size of the Buffs section in your INI).

RebuffOn=1 (Toggles rebuffing from Spell Worn Off messages).

CheckBuffsTimer=10 (The number of seconds you'd like for Kissassist to keep checking if you need to rebuff).

PowerSource=NULL (Specify the Power source you'd like to use - if you'd like Kissassist to handle that).

Buffs1=NULL (This is the first field that you're able to enter buffs into your Kissassist INI. Look below for some examples of how to enter buffs into your INI).
Buffs2=Unified Hand of Nonia|MA
Buffs3=Talisman of Unity|Dual|Darkpaw Focusing|MA
Buffs4=Huntsman's Ethereal Quiver|Summon|Ethereal Arrow|200
Buffs5=Summon Modulation Shard|summon|Summoned: Glowing Modulation Shard|1
Buffs6=Druzzil Harvest|Mana|20
Buffs7=Divine Aura|Aura
Buffs8=Jungle Raptor Saddle|Mount

Buffs! As you can see above I have listed a total of 8 different buffs - all of them showing you a different format that Kissassist accepts for the Buff section of your INI file. I'm going to break these down one by one and tell you what buffs need a 'unique' entry into the Kissassist Buffs section and which you can just slap an |MA at the end and call it a day.

Let's start with the most basic buff entry into the Kissassist INI you can possible get, |MA. I mentioned this above as it's the most commonly used suffix in Kissassist Buff INIs. Basically this suffix's purpose is to tell Kissassist what target (or type of target) the buff is intended for. In the case of |MA it's the Main Assist which is whomever you're targeting when you start the macro (assuming you're Assist).

Buffs2=Unified Hand of Nonia|MA

There's other suffixes you can use in place of |MA as well. |Caster would cast the buff you specify only on casters while |Melee would cast the buff you specify only on melee characters. Haste is a good one that you should use |Melee only for, Beastlords get Ferocity as well that should be |Melee only. Then you have Enchanter's Mana Regen buff which I usually use |Caster only for.

Buffs3=Talisman of Unity|Dual|Darkpaw Focusing|MA

This next one is one that you'll commonly be using on any Shaman that you box with Kissassist. The |Dual| tag is used when the Spell's name isn't the same as the buff that it places on the character. For example, Talisman of Unity is the Shaman group buff that comes with 4 buffs. It was originally designed to save Shamans a lot of time sitting there and casting different abilities.

In order for Kissassist to know you cast this buff you'll need to tell it one of the buff names to check for with the |Dual| tag. In this situation I use the |Dual| tag to tell Kissassist that as long as we have Darkpaw Focusing - don't try to recast Talisman of Unity.

Buffs4=Huntsman's Ethereal Quiver|Summon|Ethereal Arrow|200

Huntsman's Ethereal Quiver is an item that you can find off of a HoT named. When you right click it, it summons arrows which you can of course fire off with any bow. This Buff setting tells Kissassist to summon 200 arrows each time that you run out of them. Other items will follow similar layouts in your INI.

Buffs5=Summon Modulation Shard|summon|Summoned: Glowing Modulation Shard|1

Mages out there that want to utilize their Summon Modulation Shard AA will need to use the Buff line above. This tells Kissassist that when you don't have the item "Summoned: Glowing Modulation Shard" x1 in your inventory to use the ability Summon Modulation Shard. The |summon| tag is what you'll use for these types of summoned abilities.

Buffs5=Summoned: Glowing Modulation Shard|Mana|30
Buffs6=Druzzil Harvest|Mana|20

As aforementioned you'll be using the buffs section for more than just buffing people! I've provided two examples above of how you can restore Mana with the buffs section. The line containing the Glowing Modulation Shard is how to use the item that I taught you how to summon just above. Following that you have Druzzil Harvest which is a Wizard AA ability that restores mana too.

According to how I have it setup with the lines above - the Summoned: Glowing Modulation Shard will be used at 30% before Druzzil Harvest which will be used at 20%. If it wasn't already obvious to you, that last number is denoting a certain value.

Buffs7=Divine Aura|Aura

This next one is for Auras and only Auras. Some classes get them, Clerics, Enchanters, Druids, Warriors, Paladins etc all get an Aura to use. This is how you'll use that aura with Kissassist.

Buffs8=Jungle Raptor Saddle|Mount

Wanna use that sweet mount of yours that you purchased for some Daybreak Cash when they had a sale? Well you can! Put in the exact name of the item you want to use and then |Mount. You have to specify |Mount assuming that it is indeed a mount or it'll cause issues. Also keep in mind that Kissassist dismounts you to perform a lot of its tasks since the bot can't account for the way mounts move.


If you're a melee user instead of regenerating mana you'll want to regen some Endurance. This is how you add a disc like Breather to your Kissassist INI file.


There's still more that you can do with Kissassist and Buffs but that's all I plan to cover for right now. I don't want to overwhelm a new user with information because that'll just deter them from trying to move forward using the program. To give you a few more ideas of how I use the Buffs section of Kissassist head over to my Kissassist INIs which you can peruse for some more ideas.

The next part is only for those of you out there who will be using Kissassist to box melee characters. If you aren't already familiar with things, in order to effectively box melee Macroquest2 uses a plugin called MoveUtils. This performs the repetitious movement that melee is forced to do.

If another player sees you using this there's a chance that it could upset them. MoveUtils has brought itself a bad name since some of the people who use MQ2 do not use it responsibly and MoveUtils is extremely distinguishable as an MQ2 feature.



AssistAt=95 (This sets the mob health percentage that you want your characters to Assist at).

MeleeOn=1 (Turning this on will make your characters melee your target when Kissassist is running and you're fighting a mob).

FaceMobOn=1 (This will make your character face whatever enemy he is fighting).

MeleeDistance=75 (This is the distance that your character will hold away from the enemy while fighting).

StickHow=snaproll rear (This tells a character how to fight the enemy during combat. The different commands are front, behindonce, snaproll rear, !front).

AutoFireOn=0 (This toggles the /autofire command on during combat).

UseMQ2Melee=1 (This enables MQ2 melee as well as holyshits/downshits).


The entire melee section with Kissassist is extremely easy to setup and straight forward. Instead of going into massive detail about the Melee section I am going to talk a bit about Melee and Macroquest2. I go over this already in my What Class Should You Play Guide but I feel that it's an appropriate time in this guide to cover some of it again.

What it comes down to is you're allowed to box melee characters and you're allowed to use MQ2 to do it. The only downside about this is it sometimes bothers specific players of the game. Assuming you're not reading this at some time so far into the future that MQ2 is universally accepted you have to also take into consideration the current public atmosphere surrounding both boxing programs.

A small minority of players out there do not like the boxing culture, especially the people who box using MQ2. You can usually avoid them and it's not that big of a deal in most situations - however - if you decide to use Melee on any of your characters you're going to be putting a bit of a target on your back.

I very strongly recommend you take this into consideration while boxing melee even more than whether or not you'll enjoy the class/if it will make a good combination for your box team. Unless you plan to keep to yourself and never box out in the open in which case you can do whatever you'd like without having to worry about the immature players out there.



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