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Follow Off Macro

This is one of my Macroquest 2 Macros and basically what it does is it turns Advanced follow (/afollow) off. I use this when I reach my destination or if for any reason I just want to turn follow off. This will only work if you're using /Afollow which is part of MacroQuest2. If you are only using Isboxer this page is irrelevant to you.

Those of you unfamiliar with /afollow it uses Mq2AdvPath and it directly follows in the footsteps of whomever you're following. It's a vastly improved version of Everquest's original /follow system. Being able to use advanced follow will drastically improve the game for you as a boxer... Honestly MQ2 is worth getting just for the improved follow and the MQ2 navigation.

There is a plugin for MQ2 called MQ2EasyFind where it'll run you to any target that you can create a "Find" path to. An example is say you zoned into Plane of Knowledge and you don't feel like running up to the library for your spells. Hit 'Find' and scroll down to your NPC on that list and click his name as you would to create a path to him. MQ2Easy find will do you one better and actually run you to that NPC!

MQ2Navigation can be used as well for boxing, say you want your entire raid to regroup on your tank you can make a macro that has them all target the tank and then /nav target. This will run them all to the tank from wherever they are in the zone.. Even around walls and through doors!


Don't have MQ2 yet or want to learn more? Check out the RedGuides Compile of MQ2!