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Setting up Heal Macros with Isboxer

Heal Macros are what you're going to be setting up on any character you have that you want to heal the tank. Those of you out there boxing with Mercenaries and no healer don't have to worry about setting up any heal macros. If you're using Healer Mercenaries + you have a Druid/Shaman you'll still want to make Heal macros. Healer Mercenaries can't cut it for harder content - you'll need a real healer of some sorts so I strongly recommend not relying on mercs that much.

Ok, onto the guide! The heal macro is as easy as pie to make - it's basically /cast 1, /cast 2, /cast 3 all on different lines! A screen shot of my Druids healing macro is found below.

My Clerics healing macro looks exactly the same as the druid - just uses different spells. Here are the different spells that I use for each of my healing classes. Keep in mind that some decent spells are left out of the healing line up primarily because when you're boxing you have to get the most out of each class while also simplifying it as much as possible.


Cleric Heals I use:

Highest Level Remedy
Second Highest Level Remedy
Highest level Renewal
Highest level Ward


Druid Heals I use:

.5 Second Cast Heal
Heal that also provides a 'Ward of Nature'
Growth HP Boosting very short duration buff


Shaman Heals I use:

Targeted AoE Heal
Mending Heal
Growth HP Boosting very short duration buff